How to Maintain The 3D Mink Beauty Eyelashes

Beauty, they say is in the eye of the beholder. Well, this is a good adage that fitted well during the Elizabethan Age. The 21st century has a different, unique and exceptional perception of everything, including mink beauty eyelashes.

Sometime a lady may have the perfect curve, glowing complexion and nice attitude. But if the lady does not follow the trend of fashion or does not have those butterfly strips that flutter their wings to beckon at a partner on her eyes, she might have to moan for long about not having a partner.

The Mink Eyelashes is designed to bestow females with the best, charming look that would give them a sense of class and also attract respectable people around them. The eyelashes are carefully designed by hand, making cruelty out of question. But it requires some maintenance to enjoy the use.

How to Maintain your 3D Mink Eyelashes


Apart from the design process, the Mink Eyelashes can also be reused by a buyer. It only requires some washing using baby shampoo and it can be dried using air or some other cool setting.

Avoid Water

After fixing a new pair of Mink eyelashes, the user should avoid getting water in contact with the lashes for about 12 to 24 hours to prevent the lashes from falling off the natural eyelashes. The user should also prevent oil from getting in contact with the lashes as the adhesive used can be weakened by oil.



Using Mascara

Some user of the mink 3D eyelashes would like to apply mascara to the lashes. This should be done with very gentle touches to the lashes to keep them safe. However, as your natural lashes grow, they push out the Mink lashes and can consequently cause them to fall off, since the lashes are apparently glued to the natural lashes. How fast the lashes fall owing this reason depends on how fast your natural lashes grow.

For How Long Can You Use the Lashes?

You can make use of the lashes for a year with a touch up at every 3-4 weeks to make it look good and give you the ‘pop’ that you bought it for.

Can You go Blind from Using Lashes Extension?

This is purely a myth. The process of applying the 3D Mink Eyelashes requires that your eyes are shut from the beginning to the end of application. So there is no way the adhesive will get into your eyes, let alone harm you. This notwithstanding, it is impressive that you hire the service of professionals whenever you want to fix your lashes. Putting your eyes in the care of a random person who does not have the know-how of applying lashes means that you are putting your sight at risk.

Beauty extensions are great. Mink beauty eyelashes give you the bold look you desire but ensure you abide by the procedures of maintenance. Similarly, clumped up eyelashes can be scary to children just as it irritates adults, maintaining your lashes are paramount.

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