How To Look Younger – Health and Beauty Tips

We all know aging is a natural process, but not too many people want to welcome the physical effects aging has on our faces and bodies. Everybody wants to look younger! However, luckily being health and beauty conscious can help you age happily while preserving your natural beauty and looking your best at any moment.

Of course, you could spend a fortune on beauty products, cosmetic surgery or Botox, but for those who are budget conscious, want to age naturally and are looking for some simple everyday steps we can all to reduce aging, then we have some solutions for you. Discover some helpful anti-aging beauty tips that will help you looking and feeling younger in no time.

how to look younger

Alcohol, Cigarettes and Caffeine

Let’s get the most obvious ones out of the way first. We all know that alcohol, cigarettes and too much caffeine are bad for us, and that includes making us look older. The reason often lies in the dehydrating properties these substances have on the skin along with the general health concerns associated with the aforementioned drugs.

how to look younger

If anti-aging is a real concern of yours, you must find a way to minimize your intake of these substances. That may mean frequent detoxes, general cutbacks or a new diet plan. You will feel better, and that’s an important part of the next step too.


It’s another obvious one that we have all heard before, but you can’t just skip over this important fact if you are serious about anti-aging. Even without all the internal benefits of becoming fit and healthy, just think that sweat removes impurities from the pores and is actually very good for your skin. Combine that with naturally occurring endorphins and the multitude of other benefits, it’s a good idea to see a fitness professional about a fitness plan that will make you sweat.


Antioxidants are the naturally occurring chemicals that fight free radicals in our bodies and contribute to good health. However, how does this help us look younger? The trick is in understanding ‘free radicals’. These occur because of a natural process called oxidization.

This causes a healthy cell to lose an electron from an atom or molecule, and it can be brought on by a whole host of things from cigarette smoke to pesticides. These free radicals then wreak havoc on living cells, which can then affect your skin and other vital parts of your body.

You can naturally up the antioxidants in your diet through fruit and vegetables, adding in a higher source of vitamin C and E and numerous other common foods and drink.

Increase Naturally Occurring Collagen

Having a good diet is a well-worn phrase, and most of us know that a healthy balanced diet will really contribute to our health and beauty. However, did you also know that a healthy diet can trigger naturally occurring anti-aging substances, such as collagen.

Vitamin C and retinoids that are derived from vitamin A are two ways to stimulate collagen and other anti-aging chemicals the body produces. Apart from a healthy diet, you will also find these substances in many anti-aging creams. However, remember any collagen found in the cream will not actually stimulate collagen in the skin because the collagen molecules are too large to penetrate into the dermis.

Moisturize and Stay Out of the Sun

The health and beauty industry is full of a multitude of skin creams and beauty products that offer anti-aging and attempt to help people look younger. Some work while others are purely designed to take advantage of people, and some are very cheap while others can cost you a fortune.

It really comes down to personal choice and research when you decide which products to use, but at the least, you should consider a good exfoliating product and a quality moisturizer. Many signs of aging are related to the skin drying out, so it makes sense that these products will help you remain to look youthful for longer.

Even though it should be painfully obvious, it also helps to drink lots of water and avoid getting sunburnt. A small amount of vitamin D from the sun is actually good for your skin and body, so you don’t often need sunscreen when you step out for a five walk around the block, but for prolonged periods, make sure you apply sunscreen sensibly.

how to look younger

Stress Less and Get Plenty of Sleep

It sounds so simple that you could almost forget about taking steps to maximize these two important contributors. While you may not suffer from insomnia when did you last have a really peaceful sleep? After a holiday you may feel truly relaxed, but not many of us can afford to be on holiday all the time.

In reality, we carry stress without realizing it, and that can have a negative effect on many things, including our physical appearance. Try meditating a couple of times a week before bed – even for ten minutes before you sleep. Try yoga, or even reading. Whatever you do, you need to relax on a deep level and make sure you are sleeping easily and effectively.

If you can really work hard and take these simple steps to change the negative habits in your life, you will be looking and feeling vibrant and healthy in no time. Come up with a plan that you can stick to and follow it for three months to notice the difference in yourself.