How to Find Your Personal Style

Sometimes, we just want to catch those eyes and make heads turn. And we cannot do that if we look like the rest of the world. In order to stand out, you have to be unique and feel comfortable in your own skin. However, being unique and having your own personal style is not as easy as it may seem. There are many steps you have to take in order to do it the best way possible, and here are some of them.

evaluate your wardrobe

1. Evaluate Your Wardrobe

Take a good look at all your clothes. What is it that you like the most? Are you more into floral dresses, or black leather pants? What is dominant, and do you like that dominant style? The key is to keep all the pieces that look good on you and that fit into your vision of style. Also, basic pieces like white tees, etc. are always useful. All the others have to go so that they don’t take up space and confuse your head. Also, if you haven’t worn a piece for more than six months, you won’t be wearing it ever again, trust me – so feel free to get rid of it.

And if you are wondering what to do with those clothes – sell them to second-hand stores or donate them.

pick your favourites

2. Pick Your Favorites

When you finish your closet clean-up, take a good look at all the stuff that remained. Evaluate exactly what makes you like them – whether it is the color, the cut, the material, the pattern… All this can help you have a better and clearer vision of your future personal style, because you will know what to look for. A good idea would be to write down all your thoughts and then take that list with you when you do your shopping.

inspiration is the key

3. Inspiration is the Key

Look at other people. Find your style role model. Is there a celebrity whose style you dig? Go through magazines, music videos, TV shows, there must be someone that will catch your eye. And when it happens, find their Instagram or Facebook profile and start analyzing. For example, I have a friend that was always obsessed with Rihanna. Years and years passed and she kept analyzing her style and incorporating her fashion tips into her life. Finally, out of nowhere, she started dressing almost better than Rihanna herself. Heads turn wherever she goes, and people tend to even mistake her for Rihanna because they even look alike. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should try to steal someone’s identity or anything, but when someone is ‘better than you’ in something, in this case – style, of course, you should follow their example and take tips and inspiration from them.

ask for help

4. Ask for Help

Maybe you have a hard time finding inspiration or maybe you fear that you have bad taste. Don’t despair because that is perfectly normal and that’s what friends are for. Talk to someone from your life whose style you like and maybe they can help you with what will look fire on you. You can even visit a department store that carries styles that you like and ask the salesperson to help you with assembling a cool look for you to begin with.

And don’t be shy to ask! Your friends and family members would love to see you happy and satisfied with your look, while salespersons love to help others and give fashion tips – this is after all their job and passion.

go shopping how to find your personal style

5. Go Shopping

When you’ve decided what you want and like, it is time to go shopping. And don’t worry, you don’t have to fully equip your closet in one go – you can go buy a few items every two weeks, for example. Be patient. Also, a good idea would be not to go alone, but rather bring a friend or a family member that will offer you constructive criticism and honest opinion.

dont limit yourself how to find your personal style

6. Don’t Limit Yourself Just to the Wardrobe

Style is not just about the clothing – it is about your whole being. Maybe your stylish alter ego always wanted to have, let’s say – green eyes. And what should you do? Well, buy a pair of green contact lenses, of course. Or maybe you’ve always wanted a tattoo? Now it is the perfect time to do it. Do your nails, eyebrows, buy makeup… Do everything you can to look like the best version of yourself.

know your body personal style

7. Know Your Body

There are five basic body shapes – rectangle, hourglass, triangle, apple and round. It is a good thing to be aware of yours because you will know which pieces will look the best on you. Not every clothing item is for everyone, try making your body look the best it possibly can and not the opposite.

accessorize how to find your personal style

8. Accessorizing

You can make a simple look like jeans and t-shirt look ten times more stylish with the right accessories. So in other words, do not neglect the importance of them. Buy fun jewelry, scarves, hair pieces, hats – whatever you want and like and will go well with your new clothes. Spicing up a look is always a good idea.

change your hairstyle how to find your personal style

9. Change Your Hairstyle

Again, don’t just limit yourself to clothes and accessories. Hair is something everyone also sees and which makes 70% of our beauty. In other words, consider dying it into a fun new color that will go great with your tan, or even change your hairstyle. Also, change the way you style it in the morning (if you’re not already satisfied with it currently) and have fun with it. Open up your mind and let your imagination run free.

Finally, the most important part is that you don’t forget who you are and that your new look makes you feel free, happy and like yourself. Creating your style is, after all, wearing what makes you feel good. Think positive and be expressive.

Do you have some more tips you would like to share with other people? If so, feel free to leave your comment to us by emailing to [email protected].

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