How To Experience Las Vegas Outside In with UTV Desert Tour

Without mincing words, Las Vegas is a wonderful destination for all thrill-seekers. Forget the pubs, bars, and restaurants, you can experience life in its purest form from the Las Vegas desert. Without gambling and boozing, enjoy Las Vegas from a whole new perspective on a desert plaything called the UTV (Utility Task Vehicle).

Don’t fret. UTV isn’t a buzzword if you’ve already heard about ATV (All-terrain vehicle). The major difference is that ATV is for single riders while UTV allows for side-by-side riding. In short, they are both desert fun rides. UTV are also referred to as Recreation off-High Vehicles (ROV).  Depending on the design, they can be for both utility and recreation.

las vegas UTV tour

Why Las Vegas UTV Tours?

When you think of a Las Vegas vacation, it is uncommon to think of a UTV desert tour. This might be because of the tons of excitement in the Las Vegas lifestyle. However, it’s safe to say most of these lifestyles aren’t pure and somewhat toxic.

If you live in Las Vegas or plan to visit anytime, you might be seeking a great deal of unadulterated fun. That’s where the Las Vegas UTV tour comes in. Below are three ways UTV tours can let you enjoy Las Vegas without getting into the not so pure groove.

You can escape Alcohol and Gambling

Without a doubt, Las Vegas is no short of wild behavior. It has a plethora of casinos and hotels lining its streets. And the king of anything-goes atmosphere that can be too rough for some people, especially for families. Without the slots and shots, a UTV desert tour is one of the ways you and your family can enjoy life in Las Vegas.

Booking a UTV tour in Las Vegas can be a memorable adventure for you and your family. With Las Vegas UTV rentals, you will be able to cruise Las Vegas trails and dunes irrespective of your skill level. With a guide at hand, you will get all the help you need to ensure everybody enjoys their time out.

Run From The Winter Chill

If you live in the part of the United States where winter hits hard. That time of the year when you need to bundle up is just about here. Fortunately for people living in Las Vegas, the west coast weather is moderate most of the year. Las Vegas UTV tours are a great escape from the winter chill. Just make sure you have your Heat Wave sunglasses on as it can get very bright out in the desert.

A cruise through the rocky mountains of the Las Vegas desert will make you forget it’s winter out there.

Your physical and Mental Health Matters

Las Vegas UTV desert adventure isn’t just about the fun. It’s also a great way to exercise and burn some calories. Riding UTV in the real sense is more physical and tasking than your at-house workout regimen. You’ve got to lift, bend and rise to navigate those bumpy terrains. Indirectly, you are doing some cardiovascular and muscular workout that’s good for your physical wellness.

The fun can be what attracts you to desert adventure. But the good it does for your mental health can not be overemphasized. At a point in life, we all need to relax, unwind and get back at life in a refreshed version of ourselves. Taking on an adventure to the desert can be the ultimate escape our body and soul need to be revived.

Some Scenic Allure of Las Vegas Desert

Besides catching fun, a tour of the Las Vegas desert is a wholesome expedition. You will come across some of the world’s most fascinating scenery in the United States. Here’s a glimpse of what some of them look like.

Las Vegas Valley of Fire

Sighting the valley of fire is when you know your desert playtime is getting funnier. Being one of the oldest parks in Las Vegas, its crimson yellow glow will leave you anything less but jaw-dropped. Take out your camera and take some nice shots of the ancient rocks. The piano-shaped rock can’t be found elsewhere in the world other than that part of Vegas you are exploring. Don’t spare the off-road trails and you will have a story of a lifetime to share.

Desert Wildlife Home

There’s more to the Las Vegas UTV desert tour than the dunes and the valley of fire. Welcome to the Las Vegas desert. The home of desert wildlife such as burros, stangs, roadrunners, jackrabbits, and more. Watch out whenever you are in the desert. You are likely to encounter some of these wildlifes in their natural habitat.

Las Vegas Dunes

Nothing beats a first-hand experience on a dune buggy. As you rip through the desert of Las Vegas, the wind lands you some subtle hits while the sun displays its shines on your helmets. You don’t want to miss out on the excitement of cutting through the desert. That experience is second to none.

Ancient Art Work

When you embark on a UTV desert adventure in Las Vegas, you will come across historical works of art and archeological sites that have been in existence for thousands of years.

Some of the most common historical treasures often found together are the Indian rock petroglyphs and pictographs. Petroglyphs are images carved on the surface of the rock. Pictographs are images painted on the surface of the rock.

Don’t stop at that. A bit of the city life isn’t bad as well. You and your family can enjoy the city life without going overboard.


It’s never difficult to find something to do in Las Vegas. From the renowned king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, to the talented funny man, Don Rickles. Las Vegas till tomorrow is the home of some of the world’s leading entertainment Gurus. While not walking around the Vegas Strip? This 4.2 miles strip offers you the sight of monumental attractions you can’t find elsewhere. And there’s even more.

After your adventurous day out in the dunes and its desert, there’s nothing bad in burying your head in Vegas City life. In the desert, you might have witnessed Las Vegas outside. It’s time to see the city inside out.

Ready? Las Vegas is waiting for you to explore.

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