How to Design a Living Room on a Low Budget

Designing a living room is usually one of the biggest projects a homeowner can undertake. That’s to be expected since the room is the center of your family life, and you want to make it comfortable and pleasant to spend time in.

However, this doesn’t mean that it has to be an expensive process. In fact, by having a clear vision for what you want your living room to be, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary costs and save without jeopardizing the quality of the design.

The Layout

How to Design a Living Room on a Low Budget

The first thing to consider is the available space and how you plan to use it. The room layout is often more important than what kind of furniture you use, since an overcrowded or a bare room can’t look good regardless of the furniture.

It’s essential to know how the room will be used before focusing on the layout. That way, you’ll create the layout based on the flow of people going through the room, and make it easier to use. This is especially true if the room is adjacent to the kitchen or the dining room and the two are used together.

The Color Palette

How to Design a Living Room on a Low Budget

The color palette will affect the aesthetic of the living room more than any other feature. Before you move on to the furniture or décor, you should choose the color for the rugs and the walls since those are the largest surfaces in the room, and they will define it.

It’s also possible to choose wool rugs and wall paint that won’t stand out on their own. This creates a bland base that will put more of an emphasis on the actual furniture.


How to Design on a Low Budget

Plants are underused as a source of décor. They are simple yet effective in adding a touch of charm to the living room and they can be changed seasonally. That way, the décor stays fresh and interesting throughout the year and corresponds to the aesthetic of the season.

Having live plants in the living room is also a responsibility since they require maintenance. If that’s not suited to your lifestyle, you shouldn’t use plants, or you should opt for artificial plants instead. However, it’s really not that difficult to create a habit of caring for plants every now and then and it really enriches your living room.


How to Design on a Low Budget

Changing the lights should be the finishing touch of the room design since you want to know the light will interact with the rest of the room. It should be added in layers starting with overhead and ambient lights, moving on to task lights and finishing off with decorative lighting.

Choosing the lighting isn’t only a matter of aesthetic but also a matter of energy consumption and the environmental impact of your home. Using eco-friendly lighting may be more expensive at first but it’s also a savings tool in the long run.

Blinds and Curtains

How to Design on a Low Budget

Blinds will give the home a cleaner cut and modern look than curtains so you may want to consider replacing one with the other. Have in mind that blinds will be more expensive and that it may take some time to install them, but this needs to be done once and then you’re all done.

If you decide to stick with curtains, you should try to hang them higher and leave some room between them and the floor. It makes the room feel more spacious and most importantly, more elegant.

A living room is a center of the home and it needs to be designed with care. It doesn’t have to be expensive to do so, and it’s usually the small items that make the room feel more welcoming and more comfortable. It’s important to look at the room as a whole and to consider how one part of the design will affect the other.

Choosing the color palette and the lighting are therefore the first steps, just like the layout of the furniture and choosing individuals items for the room comes in second. It’s also useful to know the downsides of your room and design around them.

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