How to Convert Your Garage Into a She Shed

Remember Sheryl’s she shed from that one State Farm commercial? For a lot of people, that was the first time they’ve ever heard the term — and as funny as it was, the commercial didn’t explain what a she shed is. So what is it exactly, and how could you have one of your own?

What exactly is a She Shed?

Have you heard of a man cave? Well, a she shed is essentially that — but for women. Everyone needs their own personal space where they can escape the daily grind and get some peace of mind. Sometimes you just want to be left alone, and that’s okay!

Many women are converting their outdoor sheds or garages to create their own little hideaway. You can use your she shed to pursue your hobbies like crafting, painting, and gardening — or it can just be a place to unwind, drink some wine, and read a good book. It’s your space, so it can be whatever you’d like.

Are You Utilizing your Garage Space?


Too often, homeowners use their garages as cluttered storage spaces for random belongings instead of fully utilizing that square footage. If you think about it, most garages are big enough to be an additional living space. Instead of keeping your Christmas decorations in a dusty corner of your garage all year, get a storage unit and declutter.

You may be wondering, “How can I find storage near me?” The best way to locate an affordable storage unit in your area is to use an online shopping tool, like U.S. Storage Units, where you can compare actual unit sizes, amenities, security features, and prices.

Self-storage units with climate control are usually the most popular option, especially in areas with extreme heat. Make sure you have the full details about the storage facility, like if there’s 24-hour access or an administrative fee. So get yourself a storage unit, park your car in the paver driveway, and transform your garage into your own personal sanctuary.

How do you Convert Your Garage into a She Shed?

Okay — you put all of your random belongings in a storage unit and you’re ready to convert your garage into a she shed. Where do you start?

what is she shed

Preparation is Key


Before you do anything, you may want to check your local building codes and HOA rules. Chances are, a simple room makeover won’t require any zoning hoops to jump through. However, your homeowner’s association may have rules preventing garage conversions — especially if it affects street parking. It’s a good idea to double-check these things before you get started. Make sure you have all of the necessary materials and a clear plan mapped out before you take a sledgehammer to anything.

Make some Renovations


Simply clearing out the garage for additional space isn’t going to make your she shed feel like the getaway it’s supposed to be. Some renovations, small or large-scale, are going to be necessary. You may want to consider installing windows or replacing the garage door, and don’t forget the floors — odds are your old concrete floor has unsightly stains, abrasions, and cracks from years of tough use.

Installing a strong polyureaoverepoxy floor coating over your concrete floor can be the perfect solution. This is the kind of project that is best left to the professionals, like the folks at TSR Concrete Coatings. Their skilled team can install a concrete coating that improves the durability and appearance of your garage floor in just one day. Plus, their chip system flooring finish can give you that extra style that you’re going for in your she shed.

Add your own Touch

Once your space is clean and renovated, it’s time to make it your own. This is where you can really have fun. Bring in your craft table, painting supplies, or wine cooler. Put up decorations like string lights that make your space feel cozy and cute. A fantastic way to brighten up your she shed (and improve the air quality) is to add some greenery.

Did you know that you can order plants online? At Lively Root, you’re able to shop a huge selection of farm-fresh plants that are carefully shipped right to your door. Find plants that are safe for pets, good for beginners, and great at filtering air. You can even order fertilizer and read up on tips and tricks on how to avoid pests and sun damage.

So, what are you waiting for? With all of the stress that women endure on a daily basis, you should be able to unwind and have you time every now and then. Get some peace of mind and transform your garage into a she shed!

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