How to Choose the Wine for Your Wedding

Your wedding will be most probably the best day of your life. Because, why not? You have your friends and family there to celebrate your love, you get a partner for life that you care for deeply and let’s face it weddings are the best parties out there. The only problem is that there is so much preparation ahead. Choosing alcohol for the party is one of the most significant ones. You don’t want to run out of alcoholic beverages, and you want it to be of good enough quality to satisfy your guests. Use the tips below and make your wedding day one that nobody will ever forget.

How to Choose the Wine for Your Weddin

Drunk in Love?

Let’s cover the basics first. The most important rule when it comes to wine for a wedding is that you should be too much of a crowd-pleaser. Yes, you want your guest to be happy with the wine options, but that doesn’t mean every other aunt should be surprised with a bottle they love the most just for themselves. As a matter of fact, choose a wine you like the most first, it is your day after all, and then pick some additional ones for the masses. If you are not a wine enthusiast, and you don’t care that much about it, consider getting some advice from a wine expert. You don’t have to know everything, and a specialist is there to help you make your wine choices successful ones. Also, do some wine research, check out online sites like Acker Wines, and have at least an idea of what you want before you arrive at the store for the tasting.

Quantity, Quality or Both?

When choosing the wine, you have to consider two things, your budget and the number of guests you intend to invite. How many bottles and how many kinds of wine should you buy? Many people enjoy having a glass of wine or two to their dinner, but it is harder to predict how much will they drink at a party. Fortunately, somebody was able to calculate the perfect amount for you. The magic number here is ⅓. So if you have a hundred people in attendance, you should be ready for 30 to 40 glasses of wine gone in an hour. Please take into account how long your reception is planned to be, and there you have it, perfect quantity. The quality should be based on your budget and your budget only. If you can afford it, go for fancy, if you can’t, no one will be offended.

Also, consider asking about the amount you need your friends who had their wedding recently, learn from their experience. You might want to adjust the amount of wine depending on how much of other types of alcohol you are planning to buy.

Popular Choices

How to Choose the Wine for Your Weddin

Now, time for some shortcuts. To make things even easier for you, let’s talk about wines that are popular among future wives and husbands. There are three categories you should invest in, red, white and rose. For each group, we will give you three examples of quality wines that will be perfect for your special day.


• Pinot Noir

• Cabernet Sauvignon

• Malbec


• Pinot Grigio

• Chardonnay

• Sauvignon Blanc


• Grenache

• Sangiovese

• White Zinfandel

How not to Waste Too Much Money on Wine?

When it comes down to wine selection, it seems impossible to get a get deal on your purchase. Fortunately, that is not necessarily the truth. If you are looking for a little discount, visit local grocery stores and wholesale retailers. They both should offer a range of cheaper wines. If you are set on a specific brand of wine, seek opportunities online. Also, call a store of your choice sometime before you come to pick your wines so that they have enough in stock. Another thing to remember is, you are buying in considerably large quantities, always ask for a discount.

How to Choose the Wine for Your Weddin

When to Serve Wines During the Party?

If you want to make sure your party is perfect, timing is of the essence. You can, of course, pare your wines with your menu, but nobody cares about that during a wedding. Many wedding receptions begin with a cocktail reception. Traditionally, this is the time wine should grace your wedding day. It is recommended to start serving alcohol from lighter to stronger. So start slow with white and rose and reserve the heavier types for later in the evening.

Wine became a cultural event in most social groups around the world. It is an excellent type of alcohol to serve at your wedding, as it is a must-have and always a successful choice. Your big day will become even more special with a perfect wine adding value to the atmosphere. Use the advice you just received to cut the time and pressure of your wedding preparations. Bottoms up!

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