How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for Your Wedding Day

Human beings have continuously evolved. However, certain things have always remained so throughout the process of evolution. We’re social animals, and one of the events that have always been around is celebrating marriage in the form of wedding.

Anthropologists believe that the practice of marriage originated thousands of years ago, back before weddings were grand ceremonies. In fact, they say that the history of this event dates back to about 4,350 years.

Today, marriage is still practiced all around the world. And for a woman, her wedding day is one of the most momentous days in her life. It is her fairytale dream come true.

How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for Your Wedding Day

During this day, everything has to be perfect. From the table pieces, flowers, ornaments, and where guests should be seated to the venue- everything matters. And of course, the bride herself has to look perfect from head to toe.

When she walks down the aisle, every step is one step towards a new journey that she is going to spend with the love of her life. And the shoes carrying her towards that life shouldn’t just be any shoes.

So How do You Know Which Shoe is Perfect for Your Special Day?

  • The Right Fit. You must do everything to make sure that the shoes you will be wearing are the right fit. Try on your shoes during the afternoon as your feet would naturally expand in the day. This would ensure that you are not getting a size that is too small. It is essential to wear the right size so that you don’t end up getting shoe bites.


  • Make It Comfortable. Walk around in your shoes. Jump while wearing them. If possible, maybe even try to run. Not that you are going to run during your wedding day, but make sure that you feel comfortable with your shoes on so that you can strut down the aisle with more confidence.

How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for Your Wedding Day

  • Match with Bridal Jewelry. May you be an It-girl or not, your shoes should always match your jewelry. So, make sure to pick your shoes the same time you choose your jewelry. If it’s otherwise and you have already bought your accessories, try to bring them with you to see how the shoes match with them.


  • Match with Wedding Dress. Once you have matched your bridal jewelry, you also have to find shoes that will complement your dress. Check the colors and style of both the wearables to see if they look good together.


  • Love, Love, Love them! Your shoes might be comfortable and matching with your accessories and dress, but the real question would be, “Do You Love them?” If the answer isn’t “I do,” then they may not be the right pair for you. So, it is crucial that you love your pair of shoes, or you’ll end up feeling not so excited about wearing them on the wedding day.

How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for Your Wedding Day

If you’re about to go on a journey to find the perfect shoes, you can do it either personally or through your favorite online stores for accessories. It wouldn’t make much of a difference as long as you trust where you’re shopping.

Once you buy your pair of perfect shoes, you have all the right to congratulate yourself because finding the perfect pair of shoes is not all that easy. But, once you do, you’re ready to make the strut of your life.

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