How To Bring Your Living Room To Life With Wall Decorations

When it comes to improving your home decor, one of the things that have the potential to change the overall appearance of your living room is wall art. Unless you have a background in interior design, choosing and implementing wall art can be a painstaking endeavor. Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing wall décor for your living room.

Living Room To Life With Wall DecorationsChoose The Right Wall Décor

The first thing you need to consider is the most appealing wall décor for your living room. There are different types of wall décor, including photographs, paintings, wall paintings, 3D art, and wall decals. The number of art pieces that go on the wall will depend on the type of décor you choose and the size of the empty space.

For a large area, you can use more than one piece. The size of the wall décor should correspond to the empty space. For example, in a large space, you can use a collection of wallpapers or one single large painting.

Choose The Right Size

It is essential to take measurements of your room before you go shopping for wall art. This will help you pick the right sizes when choosing paintings, canvases, or framed prints. One good tip is to take photos of your room after measuring the dimensions. This will give you an idea of how pieces of art will look in your living room space.

One of the general rules of sizing is that you should watch out for the size of pictures or wall hangings relevant to your sofas. Pictures or wall art should not be over two-thirds longer than your sofa. You can also frame a small picture or print to increase its visual impact.

Choose The Right Color

Color is one of the most confusing aspects of choosing wall art. While your first impulse would be to match colors, sometimes the colors in the art you pick may be directly opposite of what you have in your living room. However, there are rules you need to follow when clashing colors. For example, if your living room has all neutral colors, avoid choosing a wall décor with a dark color.

The most important thing is to find something that complements the living room space, and this can be achieved through other considerations apart from color. Choose a piece that appeals to you and don’t focus too much on matching colors. Color should not restrict you but serve as a foundation for choosing a suitable style for your wall art.

Living Room To Life With Wall Decorations

Choose The Right Style

Another thing you need to factor in your choice of wall décor is style. Some examples of style include a focus on a bold form, a Bohemian look, or antique pieces. Base your decisions on what you like after considering parameters like color and size. If you are in love with beach life, visit Uniquely Coastal for beautiful interior decor pieces in nautical style.

A rule of thumb when choosing a style is to pick a wall poster or mural that matches the style of your room. There is a wide variety of great posters, making you spoilt for choice when it comes to picking pieces that complement your furniture, walls, and overall interior design. While you may buy a group of small pieces, make sure you invest in at least one oversized piece that you would love to see for years to come. Do not forget to use frames to emphasize your style.

Choose The Right Position

When it comes to using wall art to improve the aesthetics of your living room, positioning is everything. If you want your art to serve as the focal point of attraction, you need to get rid of competition like the TV set or other distractions. The best way to do this is to choose the ideal location for your painting.

When your painting is in the right position, it will add value to your room and will not appear like a liability hidden away in a corner. You should ensure your wall décor has visual accessibility and the right amount of lighting. It might help to involve an interior designer when choosing the correct position for your wall art.

A Concluding Note

Wall art is one of the elements that have the potential of improving your living room décor. Choosing wall art is no walk in the park; it takes time and proper consideration. When it comes to choosing wall art for your living room, bear in mind the right type, size, color, style, and position.

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