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Oftentimes we are cleaning out things like our closets but forget to clean our drains. Having a slow draining sink is something that we all hate, but in most cases, it gets ignored. We all know that a clog doesn’t go away on its own and overtime; a slow draining sink is not going to be draining at all, it will become completely clogged. In order to prevent that all from happening, you will need to clean your drains often and here are some tips and tricks.

Clean Your Drains
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Clean The Stopper

When we have a smelly drain, we usually blame it on the inside of the pipes, but that’s not always the case. Most people completely forget that there is a stopper that collects all the food and nasty things from getting in your drain and clog in it. Before you get to trying to get rid of the smell by cleaning out the drain, give some attention to the stopper.

Regularly Deodorize Your Drains and Garbage Disposals

No matter what gets stuck in your drain it won’t smell good. So if your drain is not clogged but it smells horrible, you can simply deodorize them and get rid of the smell. Keep in mind that pouring drain cleaners won’t deodorize the drain; they will just unclog and clean them. The best trick to getting rid of the smell is by using vinegar. All you will need to do is flush out your drains with hot but not boiling hot water and pour half a cup of hot vinegar down the drain. Rinse it out with cold water so all the blockages go away. After the cold water, you will need to pour another half cup of hot vinegar and leave it sitting.

If your garbage disposal is pretty smelly, you can simply run some citrus rinds down it. That is much better than just pouring toxic cleaners down it. By running citrus rinds down the garbage disposal every couple of days, you will not only make it smell nice and citrusy, but you will also help de-grease it. You will not only have nice smelling drains but they won’t get as clogged as they normally would. This is a great way of keeping the drains fresh, especially if you live in a warm place like Australia. By not using chemicals in your drain you are making your kitchen an eco-friendly place one step at a time.

Clean Your Drains
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Use Enzymatic Cleaners Instead Of Hash Chemical Ones

As most know, chemical drain cleaners are not just harmful to your drains; they are toxic and not the slightest environment friendly.  That is why you should use enzymatic cleaners that won’t damage your drain and pipes and are toxic. Enzymatic cleaners are great because they use natural enzymes mixed with good bacteria that will help everything that is making your drain not perform as good as it should be. When you pour it into your drain, they will break down the fats, oils and hairs into other compounds that won’t clog the drain. But because they are on the safer side for both you and the drain, they tend to be on the pricier side. It is better to give more money and know that your drains and your family won’t be harmed by the toxic cleaners than having to worry about the chemicals eating your drain and floating in the air for everybody to breathe them in.

Clean Your Drains
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There Is No Shame in Calling a Professional

If you can’t figure out how to clean the drains or you just handle the smells and seeing the gunk, there is nothing wrong with hiring a trusted plumber from Sydney that will do it for you. It is much better to have a professional do it, than you damaging the drain or torturing yourself.

Keeping your drains clean is really important, especially during the warmer months. Therefore you should pay more attention to your drains instead of ignoring their needs. You will not only keep them smelling nice, but you will prevent any major clogs from happening in the near future.

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