How I Got Rid Of Those Displeasing Panty Lines With Amazing Sheer Thongs

Everyone wants to wear anything to everything available in this world. From loose pajamas to fitted jeans, from flaring dresses to fit dresses, etc. Sometimes we are unable to wear those fitted jeans or dresses because of those displeasing panty lines. All of us have a few outfits always those are lying in our wardrobe and we don’t wear them because of visible panty lines. Sometimes we think of skipping wearing panty to avoid those visible panty lines, but that’s not the best thing to do as it can make you uncomfortable.

The question always lies here that what one should do to avoid those panty lines? Here I will tell you a few ways how one can get rid of those displeasing panty lines and in fact, I use these ways in my day to day life as well. Here are a few tips to avoid those visible panty lines:

sheer thongs panty lines

1. Sheer Thongs

One of the best and most useful ways to avoid visible panty lines is to start wearing sheer thongs. The fabric generally uses in such thongs are something that will not show under your clothes. It is not very comfortable at the first go, but eventually, you can get used to it. One can start wearing them for short durations and can then get used to it. Just make sure to wear the right fit for you.


2. Seamless Panty

It is a very easy way through which you can avoid visible panty lines. These seamless panties will give you the confidence to wear every possible dress available in your wardrobe. Make sure you buy the right fit seamless panty. Too tight panty can get stuck between your hipline and it can make you uncomfortable and too loose panty can get crumbled under your clothes and will show different visible lines.

3. Prints

If you have to wear something very fitted to your gym or somewhere else, but you are confused about whether to buy such fitted clothes or not. The best possible way to hide visible panty lines under such fitted clothes is to buy your clothes in prints. Prints can hide those visible panty lines, but it can be still visible, so just to make sure it is advised that you crosscheck before you step out of your house.

sheer thongs panty lines

4. Nude Panties

Visible panty lines are not the only problem we face in our day to day life. Wearing undergarments that show through your clothes is a big issue. One should have nude undergarments, especially for light color dresses so that your undergarments are not visible under your clothes. Wearing dark color undergarments under light color clothes will only make you feel embarrassed.

sheer thongs panty lines

5. Fabric

Fabric is the most important thing that matters when you buy fitted clothes. Try and buy thick textured fabric for too fitted clothes to avoid visible panty lines. Fabrics like silk can be avoided as it becomes a challenge to hide panty lines under such silk fabrics. Such fabrics can be kept or used for less fitted or not so fitted clothes.

These tips will help you to avoid such visible panty lines.

Good Luck!

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