How Aerial Views Help to Sell Property

Quality photography sells houses better than listings that have poor or no images. It is now possible to use advanced technology involving drones to take real estate to the next level. Through a combination of photography and drones, sellers create a better profile of a building or home.

Apartments and houses that look plain at ground level are given an aesthetic advantage by taking photographs from an elevated viewpoint. It is vital to present the things that are appealing to prospective buyers. Aerial photography shows those elements in greater clarity.

How Aerial Views Help to Sell Property
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A home showcased with the whole block as a backdrop provides context about a property’s location and size. It paints a broader picture than the conventional tools used by sellers and property professionals. An aerial image gives a better idea of things such as the land and gardens. It describes the elements of the real estate for sale.

Besides helping property owners create a slideshow, drones are used to videotape the house and surrounding area. Combining videos and photos helps the seller show a prospective buyer different property facets challenging to show with conventional photography.

Videos lead to buyers paying more attention to a property. Homebuyers of today are savvier about buying options than in the past. They investigate factors by researching prices and browsing listing before making a call to a realtor. Professional video and photography can make the difference between getting skipped and taking a second look.

Buyers love a birds-eye view. They like evaluating property via aerial shots because the photographs and videos give a first-hand feel. It provides a new perspective. Buyers feel good about choices to pursue a property.

They take real estate agents seriously when the agent takes using quality materials seriously. Professionals create quality products. They use their professional eye, tools, and skills to make a property and its features look amazing.

Those materials can shorten how long a property is on the market and boost the list price.  Let’s look at the five questions that make up an informative article – the what, why, when, who, and where of aerial drone photography for selling real estate property.

What Is Aerial Drone Photography?

Real estate drone photography is a drone with an attached camera that flies over a property by a pilot on the ground. The pilot takes still images and videos that can vary depending on the camera and drone. Not just any tiny contraption can take quality photos.

How Aerial Views Help to Sell Property
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Drones for real estate should have a 4K camera. They can be considered expensive until realtors compare the old-school approach. They spent thousands of dollars to find a helicopter pilot and a professional photographer who was willing to hang from the side to get the ideal shot. Drones are a more viable and safer approach to aerial photography.

Why Use Drone Photography?

Imagery attained with drones is a cut above traditional photographs. They allow buyers to get a better feel for the layout of the land. According to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) statistics, properties having aerial imagery are 68 percent more likely to sell than properties without it.

It is an opportunity to create a feel or mood for a buyer’s lifestyle by painting a picture of what they will have if they buy the property. Instead of flipping back and forth with individual static photos, they flow from one element to another.

When Should Drones Be Used?

Aerial real estate footage is not always necessary. It depends on the asking price, the potential profits, the overall market, and the kind of property. Typically, aerial photography drone images are used when highlighting unique features that are difficult to convey.

Properties with picturesque views, land with lots of acreage, commercial property, and higher-end or large homes benefit from aerial photography. It gives a better vantage point that puts the pieces together while prospective buyers sit in front of a computer.

Who Should Provide Drone Photography?

The use of drones is an option used more frequently in producing commercial videos and photos. It is not without issues. FAA regulations require drones to be certified and operated by a pilot certified to operate if for commercial use.

How Aerial Views Help to Sell Property
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An individual cannot buy a drone to take pictures to sell a home. They cannot pay a real estate agent to do so either unless the agent meets the FAA regulations. Hiring a certified operator saves fines and possible legal trouble.

Most real estate investors do not have a drone for taking images. Many companies provide aerial videos or photographs. Services are widely varied. It depends on a property’s size and the extent of the footage. The average cost per property ranges between $200 and $500. Be sure the company is insured and licensed. Look at past projects to be sure you are getting the standard and quality you want and expect.

 Where Is Aerial Photography Captured?

Drone aerial images should capture hard-to-show but significant features such as the roof’s condition, pictures encompassing the entire property, and sweeping views. Capture any exciting features like its proximity to a path leading to an entertaining area or the beach.

If it is a waterfront property, have the drone show prospective buyers how to access a property from the waterway and capture beautiful water views. The drone can show community pools, hiking paths, and the restaurant scene a few blocks from the property. It can go down a street, into a driveway, and through the front door as if walking through the home.

The Best Shots to Take

Some of the classic aerial photography video shoots include

    • The orbit that is the epitome of aerial videos. They create a continuous loop around a property having a fixed horizon.
    • Use the rise and reverse away technique that starts with a closeup of an area of interest and slowly reverses away and increases latitude.
    • A difficult to pull off, but well worth it, is the cable slide pan. Fly the drone along a line that is parallel to an area of interest. Pan the camera while it is fixed on some specific point.
    • Create an upward reveal by starting a low focus on the property. Slowly increase the altitude while panning down gently.
    • The descent is the opposite of the reverse and fly away.
    • The most impressive and simplest to pull off is the overhead view. The camera is pointed straight down and begins to increase altitude. Slowly rotate the drone as you gain altitude.


Aerial photography is not reserved for high-end properties only. For a few hundred dollars, you can sell nearly any listing by using drone footage. It is a unique perspective that allows potential buyers to have a birds-eye view of a future home.

However, when taking an aerial shot with a drone it is impossible to take the same shot again, as it requires a lot of expertise and can also become expensive. This is where realtors can depend upon real estate photo editing to enhance the colors, remove any objects, change the settings, improve lighting and more to get that perfect photo.

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