Hottest Fall Beauty Trends

With the new season come the new beauty trends, and with the first leaves falling from trees we can already see that the tendencies in the beauty sphere are leaning to quite autumn-like hues. Starting from smoky makeup and going all the way to big crimped hair, we’ll see plenty of throwback trends as well as a few new ones. They will make you want to hop into your fluffy sweaters and start enjoying the cool weather, because you’ll look fresh and glamorous thanks to the latest beauty trends.

Red Lips are Here to Stay

Hottest Fall Beauty Trends

The iconic red lip has been sticking around for quite some time, and whether we are talking about spring, summer, autumn or winter, somehow ravishing red doesn’t seem to leave our side. This fall you’ll be seeing lots of bold matte red lips and you won’t have to worry about your lipstick wiping off after a few sips of your favourite cup of joe.

Crimped Hair

Hottest Fall Trends

Year in year out we’re witnessing fascinating hair trends, and now you’ll have the chance to enjoy another retro trend and go back to the 80s when crimped hair was everywhere. This voluminous look will give extra sass and glam to your ordinary image and make you truly sparkle in the crowd. If you opt for some of the trendy accessories to accompany your new big hair, there’s no doubt you’ll turn heads all over the town.

Accessories Galore

Fall Beauty Trends

Speaking of accessories, the fall of 2019 is all about the little complements that make your outfit stand out. Not only did hair accessories, in general, have a great season, but hoop earrings, long necklaces and catchy bracelets finally got the place under the spotlight as well. You’ll be seeing a multitude of clips and corsages, headbands and hats which will make your fall outfit truly stunning. To complete your collection, order trendy women’s accessories online. Whether you go for statement earrings or maybe a chic headband to accentuate your hair, you’ll look like the next biggest fashionista.

Smokey Eyes for a Dramatic Look

smokey eyes 2019


Going back to makeup, we’ve noticed the runways were filled with models rocking smoky eyes. From truly dramatic greyish black looks to subtly emphasized corners of the eyes, this year you should focus on adding more drama to your eyes rather than other parts of the face. If you opt for red lips, avoid smoky eyes and vice versa. The two bold trends won’t mix well together, so choose only one part of your face for dramatic makeup and tone down the rest of it.

Bare Skin is In

bare skin


This season is full of contrasts. While smoky eye and red lips will be dominant, on the other end you’ll have the barely-there-makeup trend which will allow you to show off your skin even when the hot summer days are over. With just a little bit of lip balm, blush and a dash of mascara to make your eyes pop, you’ll look fresh and ready to conquer another day. Consider facial massages more often than before to allow your skin to get that glowing and hydrated look. Soon, gorgeous, glowing skin will become a beauty goal rather than a beauty trend.

Bronze Vibes

bronze vibes fall 2019

When you think of fall, which colours come to your mind first? Bronzy, orangey and brownish hues, right? Well, that’s precisely why you’ll be seeing so many bronzy hues this fall. This trend will be especially fabulous for those who had the chance to spend some time soaking up the sun, because bronzers and golden highlighters will only emphasize the sun-kissed complexion. From shimmering eyeshadows to sparkling highlighters to enhance your bronzed cheeks, there will be true autumn hues everywhere you look. With a warm golden-brown bronzer and dark copper eyeshadow, you’ll get the ultimate autumn makeup look. If you don’t want to add too much drama with black eyeshadow, feel free to use dark copper hues to make your eyes pop without looking too dramatic.

From smoky eyes and red lips to crimped hair, from dewy natural looks to bronze vibes, the following fall trends will make you look your best. Just make sure you’re not mixing too many bold trends or you’ll look like you’re trying too hard. Balance dramatic eyes with neutral lips and vice versa, to get a perfect balance and look fabulous.

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