What’s The Difference Between a Full vs Twin Bed

Selecting a mattress is one important task that needs total attention and proper research. And choosing the right size is one important aspect. You must know that there are six standard sizes of a mattress that are commonly available in the market. If you are a single adult or are a single parent with one kid or a pet parent then a Full bed is ideal for you. And if you are single with moderate height or are looking for a bed for a kid then twin bed size is the best option.


full vs twin bed
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Wherever you go for bed or mattress shopping you need to find one that works perfectly with your sleep requirements and space. Now among all the mattress sizes the Twin size and Full size are the popular ones not just only for the budget but also for the space that they save in a room. If you are in a dilemma between a twin and a full mattress then first of all you should understand the difference in the dimensions. Both of them are 75 inches long and the full-size mattress is about 15 inches wider than a twin-size mattress. The below guide shall help in understanding the difference between a twin and a full-size mattress. Also, we shall help you with tips on how to find the right fit.

Twin Size Beds

Twin size beds are the smallest size that is available in the market. Its dimension is 38 inches by 75 inches and is perfect for the children’s room, hostel dorm, and studio apartments. They are an ideal choice for children who are graduating from a crib mattress. Also, the families having more than one kid and with little space in the room can find bunk beds a great space saver. We all know that bunk beds are of the dimension of twin bed size.

full vs twin bed


Also, the ideal room size to accommodate a twin-size bed must be at least 7 feet by 10 feet. This way, you can have enough space in your room for other furniture.

Twin Size Beds – Pros and Cons


  • Twin size beds are ideal for the kids who have graduated from the crib.
  • They are smaller and compact and can fit into smaller rooms.
  • The twin-size beds are compatible with bunk beds.
  • Twin size beds are also the least expensive and light on the pocket.


  • Twin size beds are too small for the couples and also for ones that have a height of more than 6 feet.
  • Restless sleepers who change their sleeping position more often must not try this bed size.
  • This bed size can also prove small for some heavyweight adults.

Full-Size Beds

The full-size beds are also known as double beds and have a dimension of about 54 inches by 75 inches. This size is ideal for singles, growing teens, and single adults with a kid or a pet. This bed size can also be used by couples who like to cuddle while sleeping and who have less space in their bedroom. You can also place full-size beds in guest rooms, studio rooms, etc. But the couples who require extra space for themselves while sleeping must not go with full-size beds. They can go for either Queen size beds or king-size beds. Queen size beds are of the dimensions of 60 inches wide by 80 inches long and king size beds are 76 inches by 80 inches.

full vs twin bed
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For a full-size bed, the ideal bedroom size must be around 10 feet by 12 feet. This way, there would be some extra space for walking around and placing other furniture.

Full-Size Beds – Pros and Cons


  • A full-size bed is great for teenagers and grown-up adults.
  • You can also place a full-size bed in the college dorms and studio apartments.
  • Full-size mattresses can also be placed in the guest rooms as they take up less space in the room.
  • They have much more space as compared to the twin and twin xl beds.


  • Full-size beds are not ideal for couples who have lesser space in their room or who need extra sleeping space for themselves.
  • Full-size beds are also not suitable for extra tall people.

Full Beds vs Twin Beds – Differences

Twin beds are of the dimensions of 38 inches by 75 inches and have a surface area of about 2850 square inches. This size is the smallest available size in the market apart from cribs. Twin beds are compact and are perfect for the kids, for use in bunk beds, and sleeping spaces with a small area.

Full-size beds on the other hand are of the dimensions of 53 inches by 75 inches and with a surface area of 3975 square inches. Full-size beds are 15 inches wider than the twin xl beds but in length, they are 5 inches short. Full-size mattresses are an ideal choice for college students or young adults staying alone. They can also be used by couples who like it cozy and who need to cuddle while sleeping.

In terms of money as well the twin beds are cheaper than the full-size beds. The prices of the accessories of the twin beds are cheaper as well than the full-size beds and are easily available.



The Bottom Line

A standard twin-size bed is likely to be more popular among the masses because of its compact size and cheaper rate. A twin-size mattress can accommodate one grown-up comfortably. They are perfect if you want to promote your kid from the crib and also suited for the growing teens and adults.

A full-size bed is the second appropriate size after twin size. Single adults, single parents with a kid or a pet, or couples can adjust here.

We can conclude that a twin-size mattress is suitable for a kid while a full size is suitable for an adult. We hope this article guides you in determining the right mattress.

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