What Are the Ownership Benefits of a Solar Energy System?

Owing a solar energy system can help you cut your monthly electric bills by 90%. As a result, residential solar has grown in popularity with more than 2 million households levering domestic solar systems for their energy usage. Domestic solar systems can convert the sun’s energy into usable and portable solar electricity.

Domestic solar systems use a photovoltaic panel and rack system to collect and convert the sun’s power into electricity. Prospective solar system owners often wonder how much solar energy they need to power their homes. Solar systems can produce upwards of 850 kWh a month.

Ownership Benefits of a Solar Energy System

Solar energy is an affordable and accessible energy solution for all. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of owning a solar system.

Federal Incentives

The United States is already the third-largest solar-producing country on the planet. This is greatly part of the federal incentives developed to promote clean energy use.

The federal government has even created a solar tax credit. This tax incentive helps to encourage green energy use. In addition to federal incentives, many state and local governments offer a rebate, tax break or stipend to help offset the start-up costs of a solar system.

Increased Home Value

Despite adding significant value to your home, solar panels are excepted from property taxes in many states. Investing in a solar system is a great way to increase the value of your home. This will have a positive impact on your resale value as well.

Save on Bills

Many prospective homeowners are off-put by the initial cost of a solar system, however, once you factor in the long-term savings it will become clear that buying this product is an investment.

Once you have paid off the cost of installation you will be closer to energy independence. Depending on your home’s solar potential you can either cut or eliminate your electric bill. If your solar system produces excess energy, you can store it for later or sell it back to the electric company.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is a renewable resource and is in abundance. By cutting back on your use of fossil fuels you can help protect the environment. Toxic fossil fuels are detrimental to the environment and release carbon into the atmosphere.

As it stands the earth’s atmosphere is filling with carbon emissions due to the overuse of fossil fuels. In contrast, solar energy is one of the most common forms of clean energy.

Use a Solar Energy System

The movement to leverage environmentally conscious energy is growing and as a result, the cost of using clean energy has gone down drastically. As the solar industry continues to grow, partnerships between the private and public sectors will make residential solar power even more accessible. Over the past few years alone we have seen how additional research and funding have made it more affordable to own a solar energy system.

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