Upgrading Your Home’s Façade: How To Let Your Property Give A Great First Impression

Designing the perfect home is fun and exciting, but it’s easy to focus on the inside and the

First impressions make all the difference, but it’s not just people that society judges. Properties need to give off a good first impression, which means looking good on the outside.

It’s all very well investing in the perfect interior design, but a poorly-maintained façade can put potential buyers off from the start, and also make your home generally less welcoming to guests.

Having an unsightly façade can also devalue your neighbor’s properties, especially if your home looks neglected and unkempt.

For homeowners that want to spruce up their properties from the outside, here are some tips to make a major impact quickly and transform the outside of your home to match the beauty on the inside.

home facade first impression

Install Automatic Gates

Automatic gates can add a touch of the dramatic to any entrance- who doesn’t want to get home and have the gates part for them as they approach? It might sound like something from a film, but automatic gates are actually a really accessible solution for anyone with a driveway. Not only are they impressive to look at, but they can also provide an additional layer of security for your home. If you’re considering automatic gates, then Texas Gate Repair offers an impressive selection, as well as gate repair and ongoing servicing. That means you’ll have the perfect partner to install and maintain your gates throughout their lifetime.

Clean Your Stonework

The bricks or stone on the outside of your home, including the driveway, the façade of the property and any surrounding walls, will get grimy over time thanks to the rain, wildlife and general wear-and-tear. While they don’t need cleaning as frequently as other parts of your home, like your stove or bathroom, you do still need to clean your stonework every few months. Use a pressure washer to blast away any dirt and leave a pristine surface that you’ll barely recognize!

Add A Front Porch

The front porch is a uniquely American structure that dates back centuries, and is a great way to make the most of your front yard space and enhance your home. So, if you’re looking for a way to combine form with function and create a welcoming, beautiful space outside your house where the whole family can relax and unwind, consider adding a porch. It doesn’t need to be huge, but even a small porch with a cute bench can make a massive difference to the front of your property and the way you use it.

Change Out Your Front Door

The front door makes a major difference to the look and feel of your home’s façade, even if it isn’t that big in the grand scheme of things. So, if you have an outdated door, or one that’s had too many new licks of paint, then now could be the time to get a new one. Upgrading your front door can be a great way to put your stamp on your home and make it truly your own. Consider a cool colour or a unique window style, such as stained glass. Also, don’t forget to experiment with ‘door furniture’- that’s the accessories that go on your door, like knockers, handles and numbers. You’ll then be able to create a unique door that’s as inviting as you are!

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