Top Home Trends that Buyers Want in 2021

After many spent several months of the past year stuck indoors with nowhere to go, the pandemic might have changed the way we see our homes forever. Peoples’ priorities have shifted – and with the UK housing market booming, that includes potential buyers.

So how can those looking to sell cater to evolving demands? DIY sales have soared recently as more Brits have made home improvements, and they’re adding value in a wide range of ways. Some projects require more financial investment than others of course, and it’s important to consider your finances and weigh up the potential returns.

Below we look at the top features that house buyers are looking for in 2021.

home trends that buyers want UK

Outdoor areas

Lots of people were forced to spend lockdown in flats or small properties with little to no outdoor space. As a result, gardens are high on shopping lists as people rediscover their appreciation for nature.

If you’re looking to sell and have a garden or patio to work with, take the time to tidy things up and make it look as presentable as possible.

Homeworking space

Working from home isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but there’s no doubt that fewer people will be commuting to an office five days a week. This shift puts home office space in demand as workers try to create more comfortable and productive set-ups.

Transforming a spare bedroom or even just reconfiguring a corner with a desk and chair will help buyers visualise their new professional setting.

Energy efficiency

Another symptom of spending more time at home is increased energy bills. Society is also more environmentally conscious than ever before, which makes efficient homes far more desirable than those with outdated heating systems.

As well as replacing old boilers and radiators, homeowners can enhance their green credentials by improving insulation and glazing.


Rural settings

More buyers are looking to move from urban to rural areas too, in part due to a reduced reliance on central office work and a collective desire for more space.

Homeowners in built-up areas can’t transport their homes elsewhere of course – but they can emphasise nearby green spaces. Those in the countryside meanwhile can highlight strong transport links and local amenities.

Virtual appeal

Virtual viewings became a necessity for those looking to move during Covid times. But even as we hopefully emerge out the other side, it will remain important for properties to stand out online.

That means high-quality photography and detailed listing information are essential, as well as tour-style videos. Offering virtual tours could help to get more potential parties interested enough to book a physical viewing.

If you’re looking to move this year, are any of these trends on your radar?

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