Tips On How To Redesign Your Wall Using The Technique Of Architectural Cladding

Architecture and home decor have come a long way in this modern era. There are all kinds of choices that one can opt to do a makeover of their spaces, especially the walls. Gone are the old days where people either covered their walls with wallpapers or just plain simple walls. Every corner of a house can tell a story of the days it has seen. The same goes for the walls. They just don’t tell a story but reflect the people living in it as well.

Let’s How You Can Teach Your Walls To Tell A Good Story

architectual cladding how to redesign your wall

1. Patterns

You can use different types of patterns to cover the entire wall or by leaving some space. It can either be geometrical or irregular. You can either get it done by professionals or do it yourself with the help of some simple tools such as tapes, brushes, etc.

2. Picture Wall

This is a very common redesign practice. You can dedicate a whole wall to just pictures. A lot of people prefer covering their walls with picture frame near the stairs. You can do that too or opt for a design that can be created using different picture frames. For example, you can put your frames to shape out a clock on the wall and make it real clock by putting a few mechanical pieces that would keep the clock hands running or you can align them to form any other shape.

3. Glow Your Wall

how to redesing your wall using architectual cladding

You can paste or paint shapes or designs or any object with colors or stickers that glow in the dark. This design technique is often used in redesigning kid’s rooms but works for everyone who wants a night sky over their heads.

4. Wall Cladding

In my honest opinion, this is the best option. Why? Simple, architectural cladding lets you cover your walls over the original paint or design. It has so many options. You can go from wood to metal to cover your walls. On top of that, this can be used on the interior as well as exterior walls and it comes with a great advantage, that is, the added layer protects the wall from moisture and cracks and other harmful effects.

This is a great method if you want to give your walls a 3-D looking design. The possibilities are endless.

5. Wallpapers

Yes, yes, I know that I mentioned them as boring but those were the old ones. With modern times, the design and manufacturing of wallpapers have changed. You can give your space a new look every few months because they are that easy to change. You can select wallpapers from various designs and themes. They come in different fabrics and sizes. Most people use wallpapers to decorate their bedrooms and can be seen as an alternative to architectural cladding.

6. Partial Decoration

how to redesign your wall using architectual cladding

This is one of the modern designing techniques. You can partially paint or cover or design a wall, like a center portion or left or right corners or just the corners, to create a focal point. In comparison to architectural cladding, this is used for the purpose of aesthetics. People who are minimalists can go for this option.

These are some of the options for redesigning your walls. A tip: if you are going for architectural cladding, make sure to hire a professional because it’s a complex process.

You can also use fabrics and curtains to highlight your walls. It’s one of the most hassle-free ideas. Of course, for better help, you can always hire an interior designer.

Other than that, keep your furniture and you covered while redesigning.

Happy renovation to you…

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