Tips On How To Make Your Hostel Room Feel Like Your Home

College life is probably the most exciting phase of life for everyone. From the excitement of making friends for life, finding first love, and enjoying complete independence, college life brings it all. At the same time, there is an unsaid, deep-rooted fear and anxiety of living alone. Leaving home and settling in a new place can be overwhelming for students moving abroad for studies. And even though it is a lot of fun to enjoy the newfound freedom, staying alone can also make you homesick. But there are different ways of making your student accommodation abroad feel like home and comfort, be it a rented apartment, student hostels, or university facilities. Here’s what you can do:

hostel room feel like your home

1 Decorate the walls

One of the best ways of making your hostel feel like home is to decorate the walls just like you did at home. You can decorate the room that reflects a little bit of you to start connecting with it more. You can combine decorative and valuable items to make the room cosier, visually appealing, and comfortable. You can either decorate the room with a timeless theme or decorate and redecorate it according to seasons and festivals. This way, you can also find something interesting to do with your room now and then.

2 Put photos to remind you of home

Photographs have a charm of their own. They add more warmth to your surroundings and can make you feel at home when staying away from home. Even though we all have our smartphones and digicams to take hundreds of pictures, hanging printed photographs of memorable moments, goofy times spent during childhood, interesting and fun family pictures, snapshots of your friends, vacation pictures, etc. will remind you of those times and keep the feeling of being homesick away. The ambience such collages create will make your dorm room more like home.

3 Bring something from home

What can be better than bringing something from home that will constantly give you a feel of belongingness in this new environment? It is one of the best ways of making your hostel room feel like home. So, whenever you feel you are away from your comfort zone, you look at that one thing from home and feel connected again. It could be anything from a teddy bear, a blanket you used at home, your favourite wall poster, a study lamp, a folding cupboard, or a study table. It will help you sail through the initial days of anxiety and homesickness.

4 Make the room comfortable

The one thing that is synonymous with home is comfort and warmth. There is no other place as comfortable and warm as your home, and you couldn’t agree more. So, recreate the same environment in your hostel room. Buy a good bedspread, add some comfy pillows, use ambient lights, add curtains to the windows and light up some scented candles. All these things will add more to the overall look and feel of the room, making it feel more belonged and welcoming. A comfortable space is always more liveable than an unkempt one.

5 Keep things organized

You might have been a mess at home, but your mother kept things in place. This is something that you might miss the most. So, it is advisable to keep things organized. It will not only help you in finding the right things at the right time but will also remind you of home. An organized cupboard, study table, well-made bed, and an organized room will make the transition easier. Get some props that will help you keep things in place. For your study material, desk organizers, small baskets, hanging pouches, files, folders, etc., will help you better organize the room.

Finding the right student accommodation abroad is not easy. And even though creating a home away from home might seem overwhelming, it is not impossible. Staying away is surely a lot of fun, but challenging as well. But a well-decorated, organized, and thoughtfully crafted room will not only remind you of the warmth and comfort of home but also let you create new memories in your new and exciting college life.

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