Throwing a Party: Artificial Grass Carpet vs. Red Carpet

With the approach of spring and summer, people start throwing outdoor events. They are an attractive alternative for house parties, especially if you’re a proud owner of a barbecue area or beautiful, spacious garden. Why not take advantage of this area to organize a cocktail party, then? With a hint of creativity, you’re able to develop the plot of land so that your garden party will be printed in your guests’ memory forever. How to reach this goal?

Artificial Grass Carpet vs. Red Carpet

The first association that comes to mind is a red carpet, which is unfolded at many celebrity events, such as the Academy Awards, adding the whole event a pure luxury. However, not everyone remembers that its primary purpose was to mark the route taken by heads of state on formal occasions, and it’s usually spread in front of them when they deplane. But is the red carpet the only option for the success of your outdoor party? Of course not. People more and more often decide on an artificial grass carpet as well. Not only for special occasions but even for daily use. Most often, the choice of the rug is dependent on the type of party you organise. Moreover, both carpets differ in terms of material and maintenance. To find out more and decide which one is better for you, take a closer look at their distinct qualities.

The Type of Party

If you’re going to throw a big glamour party, like a wedding, then you can choose a red carpet. Although it’s less durable, it looks dazzling, and everyone will be delighted to walk and dance on it. Also, it’ll be more comfortable for women to move on a flat red carpet in their high-heels than on the uneven surface of artificial turf.

Artificial Grass Carpet vs. Red Carpet

However, if it’s a less formal party, such as a birthday or barbecue in the open air, on which you invited only the circle of your closest friends, an artificial grass carpet is more recommended. Are you wondering where you can buy such an offbeat rug? Today, thanks to the boon of the Internet, you’ll find many websites offering you high-quality rolls of artificial grass in Dallas, for example, Easigrass. Synthetic turf is the perfect solution for all those who don’t have enough time to take care of a natural lawn. Not only will it look like fresh-cut grass, but it’ll also be more long-lasting and resistant to damage.


When it comes to the material, you should know that there are many different types of both carpets. The red carpet can be made from paper, and then it’s usually disposable. Although it may be cheap, you most probably throw it out after the first party. Therefore, its purchase will be a boondoggle. But the red Academy Carpet on which all Hollywood stars present themselves every year is usually made from nylon, which is a more durable material and could be used more times. But no matter which material you choose, remember to make the carpet as wrinkle-free as possible to prevent your guests from an unwanted fall.

Regarding artificial grass carpet, it’s made from different synthetic fibers, such as silicon sand or granulated rubber. These materials are more resistant and can sustain for a much longer time than the red carpet. Another advantage is the fact that you don’t have to spread it every time you throw a party, but unfold it once on the ground, and enjoy its practicalness even for a few years.

Maintenance of artificial grass carpet

Concerning maintenance, whether you choose the red, or artificial grass carpet, you’ll need a professional installer who will thoroughly place it on the destined area. Although the red carpet may seem to be more user-friendly, there’s nothing more misleading. Its maintenance requires regular cleaning, ideally after every use since you can’t avoid some incidents during the party. Someone may accidentally drop a piece of cake or spill wine on the floor. In such situations, the material should be washed and hoovered as quickly as possible. It’s usually connected with hiring a cleaning service, which will only burden you with extra costs.

Artificial Grass Carpet vs. Red Carpet

While deciding on the artificial grass carpet, you don’t have to devote so much care and attention to it. The artificial grass doesn’t have to be cleaned after every party. You don’t need to regularly mow and nurture it as if you had a natural lawn, either. Still, it requires you to remove dust, dirt, leaves, and other debris with a stiff brush. Additionally, in the case of any incident at the party, you’ll clean it much easier than the red carpet because artificial turf is stain resistant. Then, it’ll be enough to rinse spills only with water. If it doesn’t work, then you can also use a mild, natural soap with warm water to remove the spot.

To throw a successful garden party, you already know what to do. Apart from delicious food and drinks, you should provide your guests with a soft material under their feet. If you want to surprise and greet them with great pomp, opt for an unconventional solution, and install either the red or an artificial grass carpet in your backyard.

Daria Skutecka

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