Save Energy with Living Wall Systems

Walls used to be boring. The only way to spruce up a wall used to be plastering wallpaper with floral designs or a design that mimics a sunset in Hawaii.

Fortunately, RentEasy Management Company says now there’s a way to literally liven up your wall with living wall systems. These are vegetated walls that provide green energy, improved indoor air quality and reduced sound reflection, to name a few.

Keep reading to discover the several ways a living wall system can help save you money and turn your space into a cleaner, healthier and more productive abode.

Save Energy with Living Wall Systems

All-Natural Air Purification

Plants like Phillip’s Interior Plants provide all-natural air purification without the hassle of changing a filter. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not only the green leafy part of plants that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

There are two ways living all systems help purify your air. Recent studies show that the microbes found in the plant’s soil also absorb volatile organic compounds that get converted into food for the plant.

You don’t need to pay for an air purifier and expensive filters, and you save on the energy you would use with a mechanical purifier.

A More Comfortable Temperature

The fact is that HVAC hasn’t always been around, but scorching summers have. Nature’s solution to this problem was to provide humankind with plants that effectively absorb and reflect sunlight.

Specific plants are known to have reduced air temperatures to create a cooler climate during sweltering heatwaves. That cooling power translates to significant energy savings for any sized home due to reduced strain on the HVAC system.


Another benefit is that these systems act as a natural form of insulation. So they not only help create a more pleasant climate, but they also act as a sound barrier and reduce ambient noise. That means there’s less noise coming in and less noise going out.

Reduced Stress and Increased Productivity

At the end of the day, whether it’s an office or at home, people need a break from bright fluorescent lights and other stress factors.

Living and working in a green space can have a significant positive impact on people. The simple act of taking in and looking at a plant for five minutes a day can help blood pressure and boost brain and heart activity.

Interestingly, plants also positively affect workplaces. People working in an environment with a living wall system have shown enhanced moods and increased productivity.

By having a workplace or home green from floor to ceiling with living plants, you create a space where you can positively impact people’s mental health and a place where you can create happiness.

The Value of Living Wall Systems

As you can see, living wall systems not only create a beautiful aesthetic but also can turn a boring home or workplace into a cleaner, healthier environment. But it’s not just your health that it impacts.

Living wall systems take it a step further by also helping your bottom line and saving money with green energy. If you enjoyed reading this article, check out our other recent posts!

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