Retro Kitchen Design That You Can’t Possibly Resist

These days, retro is making a comeback, and it shouldn’t surprise you! A lot of people are tired of minimalism and soulless Ikea designs that look all the same. If you want your house to be truly unique, consider turning your kitchen into a scene of black-and-white Hollywood movie retro kitchen suggests Paradise Property Management.

As a homeowner, you have a chance to unleash your creativity and experiment with joyful surfaces, futuristic details, and rounded shapes.

Retro Kitchen Design

The best thing about retro designs is that they can work very well in tiny kitchens. Let’s not forget that in the 50s, the kitchen was purely functional space. People used to have separate dining rooms where they could accept guests.

So, if you also want to add some bright colours to your kitchen and celebrate the retro comeback, use these savvy designing ideas:

 Choose the Right Colors

All retro-style kitchens have one thing in common – they all have pastel colours. You can either paint walls or buy furniture, plates in sherbet pink, yellow, green, or blue. To create a retro effect, it would be enough if you paint just one wall in the kitchen and keep the rest cream-toned and neutral.

If you rent an apartment and don’t want to invest into the renovation, you can also add a retro touch with colourful appliances such as a fridge, toaster, washing machine, kettle, or coffee machine. These days, you can easily find these in every store. To further enhance the looks, you can add one vintage coffee table too.

Retro Kitchen Design

Add Stainless Steel

Homemakers from the fifties knew how not to spend hours cleaning the kitchen after cooking sessions. They all had shiny stainless steel! You may also want to use this solution in order to add a retro touch to your kitchen.

Get Accessories

In case you don’t want to invest a lot of money into a new style, you can always achieve the retro effect with accessories! To make your kitchen cosier, hang retro prints with cheerful girls drinking Coke. Also, you can paint the shelves and add some colourful hanging lights.

Retro Kitchen Design

Update Your Floors

Huge fans of retro style may also consider updating their kitchen floors! If you finally decide to take such a move, think of plastic and vinyl.

Use the Power of Fabrics

Another cheap way to create a retro atmosphere in your kitchen is to find playful, colourful fabrics! It’s time to become a fan of dish towels, tablecloths, and curtains. To get inspired and find the right fabrics, go hunting to the thrift stores, architectural salvage shops, and flea markets.

interior Design


Buy Chrome-and-Vinyl Seating

If you see that some people try to get rid of stools with vinyl seats or chrome chairs, you know what to do. Take them home and make the kitchen island. You can combine all these elements to create a real retro canteen inside your house. Indeed, all your friends and relatives will want to hang out only in your place, so be careful!

Start a Vintage Dish Collection

Next year, ask Santa to bring you a vintage dinner set! Once upon a time, jadeite collection and wedding chine were proudly displayed in every kitchen. You can get a retro kitchen diner and do the same! Just don’t be like your grand-grand parents; please use your pretty plates from time to time.

Vintage Dish Collection

The Bottom Line

If you really like the retro design from the fifties, consider remodeling your kitchen. You can easily make it look fresh with colourful walls, appliances, dishes and furniture! Consider upgrading your floors and adding stainless steel if your budget allows. Use the smart design tips written above in order to create the kitchen of your dreams!

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