Prepare Your Teenage Bedroom That Even Adults Would Get Envy

Teenagers love to have the perfect bedroom that soothes their style. Aside from resting, kids love to spend time in their room with friends for writing their homework, playing games, catching up, and enjoying other activities.

Designing your teenager’s bedroom may be difficult as teenagers usually want their room decor to be on the spot light. But it still can be easy if you think outside the box and get a bit creative.

When designing your teenage room, ensure to make it versatile enough that they can grow with it. It should also display their personal style and interest while matching the rest of the home.

To ensure all these things and more are in place, we have prepared some of the best to design your teenage room to even become the envy of adults.

teenage bedroom

Get Some Loft Design

If your kids room is in a rectory, you can throw some clashing designs together by using neutral design trundle beds with new upholstery designed with some cheeky fabric. Also add some cushions for their friends to hang out, some dome light wall fixtures to complement and balance the entire looks.

Optionally, you can add some tar patterned lampshade for added beauty.

Add Smart Storages

Inserting some smart storage to a teenage room always sets a stylish look. Your kid will even love to grow with the designs.

You can add storage with a playful, yet grown-up design. Plus a pallet, something with a neutral color. Some beautiful prints and motifs on it coupled with a classy bed design will transform the entire room.

You can optionally mix some bold prints in a tight color scheme, just ensure the details are neat and polished.

Pop Some Orange Colors

Adding some pops of orange to the walls and curtains will energize your teens room. You can add some custom bed with cool colored pillows to give the room a cozy feel. Add a plain white palette by the side for reading.

The orange curtain will add a soft feel to the room as the sun streams in. A leather covered bench will also transform the entire room.

Use Black and White Wallpaper

If you notice that your teen loves the Op Art, this design will steal the show in their room. It is perfect for male teens who love the spirit of Pop. You can use a black and white wallpaper that carries the flair of pop. Adding a black lacquered headboard also adds up to the sophistication.

You can include a mini office that doubles as a game and reading table with a cabinet beneath for storage. Inserting a punching bag and an overhead light also adds to the vibe.

If your kid is not a fan of black and white wallpapers, you can get some wall decals and stickers from Apex Stickers.

Add a Bed Canopy

Inserting the canopy on a bed transforms the look regardless. Using a canopy with a large print may just transform the entire look and feel. You can also add an end bench at the foot of the bed for a classy look or just rock the entire look by inserting an indoor swing instead.

Add Bed Curtains

Every teenager loves their privacy and adding an extra curtain around the four bed posters will do exactly that. It will also allow them to enjoy some morning sleep-ins, yet giving the space some polished styles.

You can make the curtains a plain white design and add some twist to the bed cover and pillows. Just be sure to add only colors that help to keep the room elegant and ”teen-full”. Using strips designs on the bed cover and pillow are just perfect.

Use Layers

If your teens room is big enough, you can consider getting two queen beds instead of buying two twin sized beds.

Using this bed size will make sharing the room more easier and mature. You can also add a boho element, rattan ottomans and some brightly colored bed sheets and cover. Incorporating an abstract photography will also give it a chic, corporate touch.

You can also insert some mod art if you want, especially if you are designing a boys bedroom. You can get some colorful wall arts and bed frames to match the look. You can insert the mini locker in the midst of the bed with some table flowers and palettes for bed readings.


The whole idea is to make sure that the room is not boring. When decorating your teenagers bedroom, you can go for classy stables and some fun artworks.

Depending on what your teen loves, you can also get some cool wallpapers or stickers to decorate the space.

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