Incorporating Fashion and Function into Your Nursery

Welcoming a baby into your life is an exciting time! Besides having a little bundle of joy to call your own, there are plenty of exciting moments to look forward to. From picking out baby clothes, to celebrating at the baby shower, to finally bringing your little one home, there’s no shortage of smiles and fun when baby’s on the way. One of the most exciting things, while you wait for baby to arrive, is planning out their nursery. But how do you choose a color palette, a crib, or art for your little one’s little sanctuary? We’ll discuss how you can incorporate style and function to create the baby nursery of your Pinterest dreams!

Start with space

When you’re planning out your baby’s nursery, it’s a good idea to get a good sense of the space before you get started decorating. This way, you can figure out what size crib or bassinet mattress you need, if you have space for a dresser, and where you’ll put the changing table. Not only will this help guide your shopping spree, but it will also give you some perspective when you’re visualizing whether or not certain items will look good. So get out your tape measure, start playing with some spatial concepts, and you’re ready to shop!

Colors mean more than you think

The days of blue nurseries for boys and pink for girls are over. Feel free to have fun with unconventional colors and don’t be afraid to mix it up! Before you do though, consider how each color will impact your little one’s mood.

  • Yellow: inspires warmth, energy, and cheerfulness
  • Brown: relays connection to the earth
  • Gray: facilitates introspectiveness and clarity
  • Blue: creates a calming, gentle environment
  • Purple: associated with royalty and mystery

Once you’ve decided on a color that you love, use a paint visualizer tool to help you find accent colors that will ensure all of your accessories look great in baby’s new room.

Invest in creative storage solutions

If you’re like most new parents, your baby’s nursery is probably one of the smaller spaces in your home. But that doesn’t have to mean it can’t be functional. Make the most out of your nursery space by using creative storage solutions to keep things organized. Use stackable baskets to stow away essentials and use a laundry hamper with a lid to keep those piles of laundry out of sight, out of mind—at least until laundry day.

Incorporating Fashion and Function into Your Nursery

Have fun with themes

Animals, fairies, outer space, oh my! There’s no shortage of fun (and adorable) nursery themes out there, so don’t hesitate to go all out once you find a theme you love. Who knows? You might even inspire your little one to be a zookeeper, author, or astronaut one day.

Here are some of our favorite nursery themes right now:

    • Woodland animals
    • Ocean
    • Wanderlust
    • Camping
    • Vintage-inspired
    • Wild, wild west

From whimsical prints to cozy blankets and mobiles, there are tons of ways you can incorporate your nursery theme into the decor. Pro tip: plan your baby shower around the same theme so you can score some gifts that fit in with your nursery plans!

Choose functional furniture

It’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the cutesy things you see when shopping for your baby’s nursery. But when you’re shopping, try to keep in mind that your baby’s room will probably double as a changing room, a closet, and maybe even the room they’ll use when they’re a teen.

Instead of going for furniture that draws your attention because of the bright colors and theme, think about how the item fits into your immediate needs, as well as your plans for the future. Choose a dresser that’s on the larger side (so you don’t have to rotate furniture so much as your child grows older). Additionally, try to opt for classic furniture styles rather than trendy ones so that you can keep your purchases for years to come.


Shopping for your baby’s nursery can be overwhelming since there are so many Pinterest ideas to be inspired by. But if you follow these tips, you can find some balance between fashion and function—and end up with a space you and your little one love!

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