Ideas to Renovate Your Bedroom

Does your bedroom feel like a jumble of styles and colors, with no cohesive design to hold it all together? Then, as Keyrenter Hampton Roads suggests, perhaps it’s time to rip it out and start again, with a clear interior design goal in mind. But what style best suits you and your bedroom? Would you like to keep it simple, or are you ready for some bold choices? Here are three distinct style ideas you could try.

bedroom renovation

Go for clean lines and a minimalist look

Creating a fresh and airy space with no clutter, can be great for distraction free sleep and a calming atmosphere. You may need to be ruthless if your bedroom is full of stuff. Built-in storage that blends in with the walls could work to hide your belongings, without ruining your clean lines. To achieve the best look, worthy of a stylish retreat, you may need to move or replace bulky or awkward objects in the room. For example, moving a radiator out of plain sight or replacing it with underfloor heating. Or swapping a dated and awkward ceiling fan for a chic-looking bladeless air fan.

Try a maximalist approach

Right at the other end of the décor scale, is the maximalist approach to interior design. This can be tricky to get right in a bedroom, so it may need some careful thought. Just because you want a color and pattern-filled space, doesn’t necessarily mean anything goes. You still need a room that’s cohesive. So, having a play around with mood boards first, could be a good idea. Perhaps you could add bright pictures to the walls, layer the bed or introduce texture to the floor and furniture.

bedroom renovation

Create a dark and moody room

If you like the idea of dark walls and a moody atmosphere to your bedroom, then this idea will appeal to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a dark ceiling too. Adding vintage items and heavy materials such as velvet will work well in this type of bedroom design. Think large, sumptuous beds, long drapes, and chintzy light shades. If you fancy a few highlights, try adding a few gold touches here and there. On mirror and picture frames or furniture legs, for example.

Hopefully, these three bedroom design ideas have got your creativity flowing. Which of these is your favorite style?

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