How To Take Proper Care Of Your Car

People tend to complain that cars are fragile nowadays and they break down all the time. Is that really the case? Mostly, no. With some proper care, almost any vehicle can last a long time. So how can you make sure that you won’t have to replace yours in a couple of years? The answer is maintenance.

How To Take Proper Care Of Your Car

1. Check the oil regularly. This is probably the simplest, but one of the most important things to do if you want to take good care of your car. It lubricates the parts of the engine and disperses heat. For Porsche owners, you can find Porsche Macan coolant at Pelican Parts for top-notch engine care. It’s being burnt off by the engine, that’s why it needs to be replenished.

2. Replace the timing belt regularly. It’s not cheap, but cheaper than replacing the engine that can be hurt by a bad timing belt.

3. Check power steering fluid regularly. If it runs dry, it may break and the replacement is quite expensive. It’s better to watch it carefully.

4. Replace transmission fluid regularly. Whenever it turns dark or starts to smell bad, it may mean that it needs to be replaced.

5. Change coolant regularly. Don’t let rust or corrosion hurt your engine which may happen if you don’t see to that. Using high-quality products like BMW coolant can make a significant difference in maintaining your engine’s optimal performance and preventing potential issues.

6. Check the brakes fluid level regularly. This one you should be doing for yourself. You don’t want any problems with your brakes while driving.

7. Change your tires regularly. And take care of them. Keep an eye on air pressure.

8. Clean the engine air filter regularly. A dirty one can hurt engine performance and make engine emissions higher.

9. Take care of your car with proper washing tools and use car wax.

As you can see, regularity is the key to having a well-working car. Listen to your vehicle, keep an eye on it and beware of p0011 and other mysterious codes. Consult with a professional or get a diagnostic app to be sure that you’re up to date. To know more about car breakdowns, see this infographic:

car breakdown survival

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