How To Save Money And Time While Moving

Moving is a life chapter that opens doors to exciting adventures. They include exploring the hidden city gems and local restaurants. Whether moving within the state or across different states, it’s good to use cheaper means. However, it’s hard to evade some moving expenses; but it’s possible to save money in a few areas. To aid you in achieving this target, you need to get money-saving advice for your next move. When you need Lawrence movers, you need to create a plan and a budget to control your finances.

Here are the recommendations McKenna & Vane Management Company recommends to maximize your money and time while moving on a set budget.

Declutter before the move

You need to remove everything you don’t want to move with before the moving date to save on space, time, and money. Check all items from the cookware, furniture, and clothing to take note of everything. What items do you want to move to your new house? You can decide to sell whatever you won’t move with and make extra money to help you with moving costs. If you don’t want to sell these items, you can dispose of them or donate them to needy people. The remaining property will cost less in the moving process.

Have a moving budget

Budgeting is essential for a successful move. Since many people hire moving services, local moves cost $600 to $1650. The interstate moves cost between $2200 to $5700 on average. You can reduce the cost if you do some of the things on your own, like if you can handle the packaging with the help of your family and friends.

Book the movers at strategic times

If you need to hire movers, you can save more if you schedule your move on week days than on the weekend. The demand for movers is higher during weekends. It makes it more expensive than on weekdays. You also need not book your move on the last days of the month or during holidays since they are peak seasons when the demand is high. You will save between 20% to 30% if you move in off-peak seasons and weekdays.

Be creative when sourcing the moving supplies

The moving supplies like tape, boxes, padding, and bubble wrap are expensive. Instead of spending much money on them, think broad. Before buying extra packing material, utilize all your suitcases, baskets, and hampers. Instead of buying bubble wrap, use towels to protect delicate items. Socks can aid in storing smaller ones. Use any box retailer to get old boxes or borrow from neighbors and friends if you need boxes.

Pack by yourself

Packing by yourself will save much of your money on the move. However, packing takes time and moving companies are trained to handle it professionally.

Use a shared load moving

Hauling your items on a long-distance move is expensive. Long-distance moves take time and resources. The best way to reduce the costs is to use a shared load moving company. A freighter trailer ferries multiple household items to reduce the costs for everyone.

Though this method takes time, you can be sure to get your items delivered at half the price.

Prepare your food early

It’s expensive to use hotels, restaurants, and motels to get food while on a long-distance move. To reduce the costs, you need to make your meals in advance to limit buying them while on the move. You can prepare the food a week earlier and store it in a freezer. You can also use a meal delivery service that’s cost-effective.

Make a grocery list in advance. It makes getting the ingredients you need to make food in your new house easier and cheaper.

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