How Long Have Jake And Nicole Been Living Off-Grid?

The first time Jake and Nicole met was in 2017 in Tempe, Arizona, during one of Jake’s urban garden tours and workshops for a group of students that included Nicole. Nicole had heard of Jake and his urban gardening YouTube channel from her boss, who had bought them tickets to his gardening workshop. Even though there were a lot of people there, Jake and Nicole Mace managed to talk to each other and eventually exchanged numbers. The rest, as they say, is history.

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What Does Living Off The Grid Mean?

You can see what “off the grid” means in action on this Youtube channel, Off Grid With Jake And Nicole. They’re referring to a lifestyle in which they don’t rely on centralized utility infrastructures like those that provide electricity, water, gas, and sewage access.

Homes that are “off the grid” rely solely on renewable energy sources like solar power and on-site water supplies like private wells. Those individuals who live “off the grid” frequently lack modern conveniences such as home internet and phone lines.

How Much Does Living Off The Grid Cost?

Living off the grid will indeed free you from utility bills each month. However, there are numerous up-front expenses to consider, and it is not as simple or inexpensive as purchasing land and opening a store.

When determining whether an off-grid lifestyle is within your financial means, you must consider the following cost factors:


You cannot build an off-grid home without access to land. Real estate costs a significant portion of the costs associated with starting this lifestyle, with many people prefer buying land and build instead of converting an existing home. It is possible to buy an off-the-grid home, but it will cost you tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars.

Off-Grid Solar System

Depending on the average amount of electricity you require, you can anticipate spending between $45,000 and $65,000 to install a new off-grid solar system (pre-rebates, tax credits, or state incentives). This amount will increase proportionally to the electricity required to power your home, so if your property is larger or you have more people living there, you will likely spend more.

Private Well

The average cost to drill a private well is $5,500, or $15-30 per drilled foot, though this can be higher in areas with poor soil quality.

Sewer System

A standard septic system, including the leach field, tank, and all associated pipes, will set you back somewhere between $10,000 and $25,000. A few options exist, such as composting toilets and greywater systems, but they are more labor intensive (and they might not be all that much cheaper either).

Costs associated with your heating solution, be it a diesel or gas-powered stove, a wood-powered stove, or another solution, are something to consider in addition to the initial purchase price.

The sum of these expenses does not necessarily make going off the grid unaffordable. This could be the same as, or even less than, what you’d pay for a conventional home if you were selling it to start fresh in an off-the-grid community. If becoming more frugal is your top priority, then you should definitely take the time to plan out a detailed budget and fully comprehend the commitment you’re making.

Who Are Jake and Nicole?

Jake Mace, now 40 years old (born on November 25, 1981), and his fiancee Nicole, now 26, have become Internet celebrities thanks to their videos documenting their off-the-grid lifestyle in British Columbia, Canada. The estimated net worth of their Off Grid With Jake And Nicole YouTube channel in 2021 is $1,950,000. There are over 267 million views and 1.1 million subscribers across their 279 videos.

Their mission is to chronicle and disseminate their journey to a sustainable lifestyle in the Canadian wilderness. This couple built a yurt and went off the grid in the woods of a 20-acre property they purchased on an island off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition, there were no houses in the area where they lived, only a dense wild forest. They call their home Black Fish Hollow. The pair have been working together on a vlog since 2019, despite each having their channel on YouTube.

Where Are Jake and Nicole Currently Located?

They are still living on their 20-acre property in the woods of British Columbia. The couple is fortunate to expect their first child in the spring of 2022. They have built a Bunkie log cabin for their child. With only 2 acres under cultivation, there is plenty of room for expansion if necessary; however, there are no current plans.

Jake and Nicole enjoyed blogging about going off the grid and documenting their life while living in their yurt. They also have an online store called Komorebi, where they sell various products to market their online channel and off-grid lifestyle. T-shirts and hoodies, as well as a wall calendar featuring photos from their Canadian island woods home’s various seasons, are available for purchase.

Jake and Nicole’s Future Plans

Both Jake and Nicole are interested in finding new ways to improve the planet and improve their quality of life.

Some of their goals for the future include expanding their garden space, fueling their diesel van with vegetable waste, and fostering growth in the surrounding forest.

There have been hints that Nicole would also like to compile a cookbook of some of their favorite vegan recipes. She and Jake are committed vegans and advocates for a healthy, natural way of living.

There are no immediate plans to leave their safe haven in Black Fish Hollow, but they are flexible and open to new experiences.

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