How Does Using The Latest Technology Help Plumbers?

The next time you contact a plumbing service, be sure to notice what kind of tools their professionals are using, suggests Stringer Management. The reason is that the plumbing industry is rapidly changing, and those that use the latest tools for handling issues like pipe leaks, cleaning drains, and fixing slab leaks will ensure the job is done quicker and more efficiently. The following article will tell you about some of the latest technology used by plumbers, including water leak detectors, pipe location equipment, digital camera equipment, plumbing video inspection systems, and more.

latest technology

Water leak detectors

Water leak detectors are used to locate leaks in pipes. The most common type of water leak detector is a hydrophone, which is placed in the water line or tank and detects changes in pressure as it passes over cracks or breaks in the pipe. Hydrophones can locate leaks in underground water lines, tanks, and above-ground pipes. They have been around since the 1950s, but they’ve gotten smaller and more accurate over time.

Pipe location equipment

Plumbers use pipe location equipment to find the site of a pipe in a wall or under a floor. The device sends sound waves reflected by the pipe and located by the operator.

Plumbing video inspection systems

Video inspection systems are an excellent option for plumbing professionals. Plumbers use these to detect leaks, blockages, and other issues. They can also inspect pipes in hard-to-reach areas or those that might require costly excavation. These systems allow plumbers to see right through the pipe walls and quickly identify problems before they become an expensive repair job.

Conventional piping is made of steel or copper, but new technology has introduced polyethylene piping, which is less likely than traditional materials to corrode or rust over time. Plumbers must use special tools when working with polyethylene (PE) because it doesn’t retain its shape well under pressure and has low tensile strength compared with steel or copper pipes.

Threading machines

A threading machine is a device that helps the plumber to join two ends of pipes together. They cut the pipe ends using a lathe, then thread and attach them using clamps. The plumbers repeat the process until they run all required pipelines through the walls and floors.

Electronic pipe locators

Plumbers use electronic pipe locators to track the location of underground water pipes. The technology is simple: a locator emits an electromagnetic field that pulses through the earth.

When this field hits a buried pipe, it bounces back toward the transmitter and sends information about its location. It allows the plumbers to dig nearby without guessing where the pipe might be. An electronic locator is usually paired with a conventional pipe locator, allowing a professional to pinpoint both ends of your underground lines.

Drain snakes

Drain snakes clear blockages in drains, as they’re flexible and can snake through a drain, clearing away any debris blocking water flow. Plumbers often use drain snakes when they come across clogs or other blockages in your plumbing system, such as those caused by tree roots growing into pipes. Not only do plumbers use these tools to identify the source of the problem, but they also use them for removal purposes if necessary.

Using the latest technology allows plumbers to easily tackle jobs such as cleaning drains, detecting slab leaks, and locating leaky pipes. They are beneficial as they avoid unnecessary expenses and ensure the quick completion of a job.

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