How A Sewer Video Inspection Runs And Why It’s A Good Idea

When you contact a plumber, it is usually for some projects in your house, such as cleaning the drain, repairing a leaky pipe, or maybe installing new appliances for your bathroom restoration.

The most important parts of your plumbing system are actually outside the house or under the ground. Here, we are talking about your sewer line – the pipe that transfers wastewater out to the city sewer main. All the water that goes down a drain will flow through the sewer line as long as it runs well.

How A Sewer Video Inspection Runs

What is a Sewer Video Inspection?

A sewer camera consists of an optical video lens with LED lights that are connected to the end of a long, optic fiber rod. The optic fiber rod is durable and long enough to push the camera head quite a long way down the sewer pipe and can make it through the bends in the pipes. The wiring runs inside the rod; it is connected to a video monitor, and you can view it in real-time.

Many cameras also have a device built into them that transmits frequency waves. A receiver that utilizes sonar can pick up frequency waves to locate where the camera head is at a given time. When you see a problem in your pipe, you can use the locator to tell the exact location of the problem.

In short, a sewer camera is in the pipe. You push it along the pipe while the professional plumbers in McKinney, TX view the footage via the video monitor. You can visit our website to see sewer video inspection solutions at https://www.lexsplumbing.com/. Once the plumber finds the problem, the locator is used to detect the location, and you mark the spotted area. Next, the sewer camera goes along further down the pipe, repeating the entire process until there is no more pipe to examine, or the camera can go no additional pipe.

At that point, the professional plumber has the information he needs to do to determine the best things for possible repairs. They can also have the recorded footage to playback if necessary.

Dilemmas with the sewer line

Sadly, the sewer line of your home can get obstructed for a few different causes, including:

    • Tree roots stretching into the pipe
    • Block inside the pipe from a gathering of oil, paper products, and other rubble
    • A break or other damage to the pipe

When the sewer line is clogged, wastewater can move backward into your home, which can cause a foul odor and be dangerous to health.

Advantages of sewer video inspection

Even if you notice a sewer line problem, it is difficult to tell where the issue occurs. In the past, you had to dig up the ground and look for the route of the sewer line until you discovered the problem. It can be expensive and be a huge mess.

A new, smarter choice is getting a plumbing professional to do a sewer video inspection. This method employs a scope with a camera on the end that sinks the drain and into the sewer line. Thanks to this process, the plumber can easily see what is taking place in the pipe. The scope includes a transmitter that shows the plumber where the exact problem resides.

Having a sewer video inspection performed gives many benefits:

    • Locating the blockage faster
    • Lessening the amount of digging required
    • Notifying the plumber what work is needed to fix the problem
    • It is cheaper than excavating.
    • It can reduce the time and labor that are necessary to fix the conduit.
    • Repairs are less expensive and less invasive.
    • Emergency plumbing situations can be done quicker.
    • If the technician knows the location, better planning can identify the size and the cause of the repair.
    • You can prevent some plumbing problems.
    • You can verify if there is a need for maintenance or cleaning.
    • You can avoid leakage before it turns dangerous and hard to repair.
    • You can use sewer camera inspection to find lost items.

The cost of sewer video inspection differs depending on the plumbing company. You may use high-quality equipment. If the water does not have enough lighting or low resolution, you will not get the data or advantages that you want.

When to schedule a video inspection

Depending on your case, a sewer camera inspection alone may not be enough in locating the possible problems. And it is not enough if you are looking for leaks. The most important thing to know is if a plumbing company offers a leak location examination with a camera as the primary tool, they may tell there are leaks when there are none. If that is the case, you might end up adding extra costs for repairs you do not need.

If you suspect a pipe problem within your house, call our trusted plumbing company to help you. Lex’s Plumbing is ready to help you with any plumbing problems. We provide the fastest and most reliable plumbing solutions in Frisco. If you have inquiries and concerns, give us a call TODAY!

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