Have The Best Movie Night Ever With Your Friends

Sometimes there’s no better evening than the one when you entertain your friends at home and you all watch some great movie while eating popcorn and safely tucked underneath a blanket. Good company and a well-chosen film make a pleasant evening but do you want to up your game this time? Organize the best movie night ever with your friends and earn the throne of the best movie night host!

The Best Movie Night Ever With Your Friends

1. Pick the Movie Wisely

The movie is the backbone of the whole evening, meaning it can turn the evening into a great success or a big, fat failure.

First, think about the audience: Is it going to be an all-girls night, a family gathering, or is it a mixed company up for some real movie criticism? Throw some obvious ideas based on that factor and then go for a bit of twist – some of the best movie nights happen when the movie pick is unexpected. For example, if you usually stick to rom-coms, why not choose an action/rom-com with female leads? Sometimes revisiting old classics that most of us haven’t seen for a long time is a huge hit. Other times, a serious film based on a real story that hits the nerve can be a discussion topic for the next few hours.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to switch the film on the very evening if you feel that’s the right thing to do. Sometimes, the group mood goes into a different direction, so change the film at the last minute to fit it with the mood.

2. Become the Master of Popcorn

No popcorn – no real movie night, don’t you agree?

Popcorn from the microwave can’t compare to popcorn made in the popcorn maker. Some makers don’t even need oil, while it’s much easier to make portions of just the size you need. A little butter and salt is all you need, but why not add flavor, like the buffalo ranch?

Also, you can turn a part of the popcorn into a sweet marshmallow bar treat. If I tell you there’s peanut butter involved, wouldn’t you want to try it?

3. Get Tech-Savvy

The sound is what will take the audience straight into the movie, so you better make it great. Home theater speakers will give you that immersive movie experience – the set includes left, right, and center channels, a subwoofer, and two rear speakers. You can connect them to your PC, DVD player or even iPod with appropriate inputs. Alternatively, you can use Bluetooth. It’s inexpensive and effective.

Next, you need to make sure the screen is in the right position so that everybody can see it. It will be easy to find the perfect place for it if you browse projector mounts to find the one that will suit the projector screen and its optimal position. When the screen is completely visible for everybody and the sound is great, that’s when everybody can enjoy the movie.

The Best Movie Night Ever With Your Friends

4. Make it Cozy

No need for luxe recliners – the important thing is to make the floor comfortable with a lot of pillows, blankets, or giant cushion covers. One or two bin bags will frame the whole picture. In case all your friends have enough room on the sofa and armchairs, then add a few bean bag ottomans so that all of you can comfortably stretch your legs. Give a pair of slippers to each guest – maybe they don’t need it really, but there’s something soothing and cozy in wearing them.


5. Cool Dishes

Chips, popcorn, candy, and dips shouldn’t be served in their original packages. Serving bowls in various sizes are much more practical, plus – they will make a great pic for Instagram.

You’ll also need glasses, so make it epic – get copper wine glasses that are reminiscent of goblets. Another cool thing to put a smile on your guests’ faces and take a chic photo.


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6. Movie Games to Prolong the Fun

When the movie is done, no need to go home yet – fun can continue with some cool board games, especially the ones connected to movies. For example, the Blockbuster quiz game is perfect for testing your guests’ movie knowledge. It’s even packed in the form of a retro video, to awaken the 90s nostalgia.

7. After-film Discussion

Discussion after the movie could easily be the best part of the night. It’s important to start the evening early enough so that your friends can stay after the movie, too. Turn the lights on, refill everybody’s glasses, get more snacks and start the discussion. You can start with the warming-up questions, like: “What do you think the director was trying to achieve? What about the end?” or you can simply state your opinion directly – “I think it’s one of the best films of the year” and see how others react.

The Best Movie Night Ever With Your Friends

In the End

Movie nights depend on the atmosphere created by the people, sure. But there are so many things you can do to make the night more awesome and fun. People enjoy being pampered, so after this movie night, you will be the host everybody wants to visit again!

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