DIY Moving Vs. Hiring A Professional Company: What Should You Choose?

It is not a secret that hiring a professional moving company is not really cheap. So, many people might consider doing it themselves. So, is it really a DIY thing or is it better to call a professional? Taking a look at movers St. Petersburg will give you an idea on the services that are offered by professional movers.

DIY activities sound very attractive and they can be cost effective. However, it is not just about saving money. There are other important elements involved in the process. You need to think about time, effort and the safety of your items. So, instead of being confused, you should make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. Here is what you need to know about pros and cons of each method:

Pros of DIY moving

hire professional moving company

It is a budget-friendly option

Budget is a big factor in the moving process because you will be taking a new step in your life. So, saving some cash from here and there would definitely benefit you. DIY moving won’t cost you anything but boxes and maybe the renting of a van or a truck.

You are free to pack as you wish

The rules of professional packing don’t apply in this situation. In some moving contracts you are responsible for packing and the movers are just responsible for transporting the goods to their destination. If you are going to DIY fully, you will be free to pack your things as you want them. You won’t stress about the order or packing shape. Everything begins and ends with you.

Cons of DIY moving

DIY moving

It consumes your effort

When you go for DIY moving, everything will be on your shoulders, literally and figuratively. You will have to pack the boxes and sort the categories of your stuff. You will be responsible for carrying the boxes and moving the furniture. This includes chairs, tables, beds and every single thing you want to take with you. Also, you will have to repeat the same thing when you arrive at your destination. Of course, friends and family can help if they have time and are ready for some heavy lifting.

Getting lost in details

There are endless details related to moving. So, if you do it yourself, you will be responsible for every single detail. You will plan everything related to moving from your place to your destination. But with professional movers, you can have someone else to share the moving responsibilities with.

If you decide to use the help of professional moving companies, you will also have a number of pros and a very few cons:

Pros of professional movers

moving items

You will sit back and relax

Professional movers are equipped for doing the heavy lifting. It is their livelihood and the thing they have been doing for years. They are ready to lift anything heavy without hurting themselves or damaging the item.

Reliable and efficient performance

Professional movers are licensed, trained and insured to do this job solely. So, you should count on their services to have everything in order. There is also a contract that guarantees your rights. So, there will be no room for negligence or laziness.

Cons of professional moving

The only downside of hiring a professional moving company is the cost. But if you compare the overall cost with the results, you will find an obvious winner. For the money, you will get your things protected and safe. You don’t have to worry about losing precious items or breaking your special decorations. Also, you will be relaxed and you won’t get muscle damages when you are about to open a new chapter in your life.

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