Bamboo Will Bamboozle You (In a Good Way)

In a time when we are thinking more and more about the environmental cost our everyday lives have on the earth, how we need to save the pennies for that rainy day that, may never come, but we need to be sure, and with that invest in products that are good value for money – behold BAMBOO! Bamboo has so many benefits to it, so let’s see what you could get from this humble material.

bamboo window

    • Durability and Strength – It may seem a little lightweight when you get a hold of it, but bamboo is very strong. It’s a great option when it comes to things such as household items, so anything from a bamboo folding chair to a bamboo cutting board, right through to being used in construction. Bamboo is well-known for being durable also, being able to withstand general wear and tear you wouldn’t get from other materials.
    • Sustainability – A key word in todays lexicon, and one that is important for us all to understand and try to achieve. Bamboo trees, compared with hardwood trees, grow extremely quickly. A hardwood tree could decades to grow and harvest, whereas the good old bamboo in one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and can be harvested between three and five years! What it can do doesn’t end there. It actually regenerates from its own root system, so there is no need to rip out the old roots, and replant a new one as it is fully renewable. So, this is a great time saver, doesn’t require replanting of trees, and is a far more sustainable option than we already have in place at the moment.
    • Versatility – You would be surprised just how many household products could be made from bamboo. Anything from the furniture in your front room, to the flooring in your bedroom, to bits and pieces in your kitchen. The options are wide and varied. It’s also adaptable, meaning it can be used in different forms due to processing, so from laminated flooring to some sort of veneer – bamboo has you covered at home. Take a look here for more information on home improvements.
    • Cost-Effective – It’s nice to get nice things for the home, but having the extra cash laying around to do that these days seems like a far-off dream to some of us. Bamboo has the answers! It can be produced and processed fairly cheaply, so it could save manufacturers money, thus saving you, the consumer, some of your hard-earned cash should there be more items available on the market. Seems like a bit of a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

Hopefully, we can start to move towards products such as bamboo, to cut down on time to provide goods for consumers, do more for the environment with its great sustainability, and unlock the full potential of bamboo to create homes and communal areas we are proud of. For more information where you are, click this link.