Apartment Interior

To create a full-fledged apartment, it is not enough to place the premises functionally correctly. Important is its volume-spatial solution. Each apartment, regardless of its absolute size, should be free and filled with air and light. All premises of the apartment should form a spatial ensemble. This can be facilitated by large glazed doors, sliding partitions, and a color scheme that visually unites separate rooms. There are multiple options to choose from. You can inspire yourself with different movies or games. You can create a room in the most luxurious hotels or casinos. And after making all the hard work you can rest by playing at the top paying online casino NZ. We are going to help you with the interior.

The proportions of the rooms and their configuration are of great importance. Random protrusions and columns violate the purity of the form, making it difficult to arrange furniture.

apartment interior


Color plays a huge role in the architecture of the apartment. For living rooms, light, calm colors are most acceptable. They expand the space. They are making it possible to highlight individual bright spots of decorative items of decoration like a picture, a vase, fabric, etc.

The color of the walls also depends on the orientation of the premises. North-facing rooms should be painted in “warm” colors like yellow, and orange. South-facing rooms you can use any light, and sometimes more intense tones, including “cold” ones. All areas of the apartment should be painted in different colors while creating a color composition based on the principle of contrasts or nuances.

This range should include not only the decoration of the walls of the rooms but also the cladding and equipment of the kitchen and sanitary facilities. It can be made in modern synthetic materials with a beautiful surface and juicy color.

You should avoid breaking down interior elements and equipment into small details. It will preserve as large a scale as possible in the apartment’s small absolute dimensions. The surface of the walls should not be crushed with color, highlighting panels, friezes, etc. When moving from walls to ceiling, do not make girders and cornices. The pattern of door panels and window frames should be as simple and clear as possible.


Furniture plays an important role in the decision of the interior of the apartment. Modern furniture can be divided into two groups: mobile and built-in. When designing an apartment, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the main types of furniture. The architect already in the project must see and suggest possible arrangements for it.

If the selection and arrangement of mobile furniture largely depend on the taste of the residents of the apartment, then the built-in furniture, its placement, and its functional and artistic qualities are entirely dependent on the designer. Therefore, when solving the interiors of an apartment with built-in furniture, its convenience, and aesthetic qualities should be given the most serious attention. A variety of built-in furniture can be divided into two categories. One goes for the furniture that is built into wall niches. Another one is for free-standing partition cabinets.

Built-in furniture should be designed so that it not only creates comfort but also decorates the apartment. Partitions of built-in wardrobes and wardrobe partitions should be proportional, and their surface should be hygienic and beautiful.

So, taking into account everything from the general layout of the apartment to the smallest details of equipment, you can create a full-fledged modern home that meets the requirements of everyday life and aesthetics.

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