A loft Conversion Adds Practical Space to Your Home

Whether you would like a new master suite, guestroom, office or playroom, converting your loft is a great way to add extra space to your home, especially if you live in a city. A good loft conversion can add up to 20% to the value of a home without reducing garden space and can be a well-needed addition especially with many of us working from home these days.

loft space

Converting a loft rarely needs planning permission unless you raise the roofline or change its structure, but it will need building regulations approval. You will need a Lawful Development certificate from your local authority and the build will need to be passed by their Building Control Services or an approved inspector. If you are somewhere in Leeds, you can seek advice from an expert on loft conversion regulations from Leeds to deal with building laws and codes before doing the project.

Consult with architects and loft experts who can check your space meets basic regulations relating to the structure such as strength of a new floor, stability of the roof, stairs safely designed, fire safety, insulation and sufficient ventilation. No matter what type of ventilation, heating or cooling your loft needs, Economy Heating & Air Conditioning Repairs will ensure you have good cross ventilation for summer and adequate radiators or insulation layers to keep the loft warm in winter.

The roof should be weatherproofed and insulated by filling the space between the rafters or installing insulation over them to reduce heating and cooling bills and help the environment. There’s no minimum room height dictated by building regulations, but there is a minimum room height for staircases and access so check whether your roof has a steep pitch that limits height.

Ideally your loft should be 7.2ft or higher at the mid-point which you can achieve by lowering the ceiling in the room below by fitting a new floor in the loft. Sloping ceilings, nooks and odd angles will need to be incorporated into the design of the loft conversion and take note of obstacles in the space, like a water tank or a chimney stack that may need to be moved.

You may need to find unique furniture such as bookcases and desks to fit the loft dimensions with shelving incorporated into the eaves to keep the room looking stylish, while reducing wasted space. Windows, rooflights and dormers which are windows set vertically projecting through a sloping roof may need to be installed, while rafters may need to be reinforced and a staircase fitted for access.

If your loft space has a party-wall, which is a shared wall usually between a terrace or semi-detached property, you may need a party-wall agreement which is a written contract from all owners that they agree to the work for your loft conversion. When planning your loft conversion, make sure the lighting design maximizes natural light and views to achieve a quality space that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

The walls can be shaped to allow as much light through as possible through a dormer window and rooflights can be used as a smart way to flood your loft space with natural light. If you are converting a loft into a bedroom or master suite, you need to provide clothes storage with cupboards, rails or shelving for wardrobes and under-eaves storage to suit your space.

Should you have a narrow space, it may be practical to turn your loft into a children’s bedroom with a bunk bed that has space below for toys, alternatively if the space is slightly wider, it can be the perfect teenage bedroom with a separate seating area, a walk-in wardrobe and hanging chair.

Another option may be turning your loft into a guest room where family or friends can be kept away from little early risers or a second TV room, games room, den or dedicated entertainment space with a home bar. If activities taking place are noisy, give some thought to soundproofing the loft against footfall noise and transference of noise from one house to the next.

Hinse Brothers Mechanical Inc can even help you change your loft into an en-suite bathroom spa-like retreat where you can indulge in features like a walk-in shower and sinks for two. They will make sure the head height needed over the shower is sufficient with a floor-level drain in the shower to maintain previous space and can help you with a designer bath situated near a glorious view to enjoy as you soak.

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