7 Amazing Tips To Use Solar Power Electricity Efficiently

Going green is the new trend as it is not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective. Solar power is the best example of this trend and many businesses are now switching to solar energy. This source of electricity is also widely used in homes and many people are enjoying the savings on the electricity bills. Here are some ways in which you can use solar power.

solar power

Install LED lights rather than light bulbs

Lighting is the largest cost factor at your home. Traditional light bulbs use only 10% of the electricity for lighting and the rest 90% is wasted as heat. They produce more heat instead of light just because they are based on filament technology. The Latest LED lights use most of the electricity in producing light. You can see a difference in electricity consumption at the same watt. LED lights produce more light as compared to the traditional lights at the same watt as well as consume less electricity produced by solar panels.

Lower the electricity consumption

If you want to reduce your electricity costs without or with your solar power, you should eliminate appliances and devices that consume more energy. These include water heaters, traditional light bulbs, and standby devices. They consume electricity even when you switch off the button. Thus, it is better to invest in the start rating devices as they are energy efficient. You can read more about these appliances online.

Use high-watt devices in the day

Some appliances like the washing machine, the kitchen stove, dish washer, the tumble dryer, etc. require the highest electricity to run. So, you can use them with timer switches in the day because the solar system produces a lot of energy in the day which allows you to use it directly. Using high-wattage appliances might be difficult at night. In this condition, you can use a solar battery as a buffer.

Use a water heater

If you are installing solar power, you should shift to the electric boilers entirely. Modern water heaters allow you to install them close to the tap. You can also adjust the heating temperature as you want. Most people prefer hot water bath throughout the year. So, solar power can fulfill the demand, especially during the late summer and spring seasons. You can also set up hot water heat pumps at home.

solar power

Increase the energy storage efficiency

If you don’t set up energy storage with solar power, you will be able to use between 30 and 50 percent electricity directly from solar power at home. To increase this usage percentage, you need to install a solar battery. It will increase the usage percentage to 90 percent. These batteries are most useful especially in the summer season because at this time your solar panel produces more energy.

Move to e-mobility

Vehicle manufacturing companies are now coming up with electric vehicles and cars. So, you can buy them for your family members also. You can charge them with solar electricity. Thus, you will not only save your electricity but also save money on fuel.

Shift your garden lights on solar power

To save on electricity bills, you can also shift the garden lights to solar energy. Once you switch them to solar power, you can enjoy the lighting and additional accessories like waterfall without the worry of increasing bills.

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