6 Ways to Use Crystals in Home Decor

Crystals are a fantastic way of reaching a goal of making a home into a personal space that you feel warm, safe and positive energy in. For this reason, Keyrenter Austin says many people have chosen crystals as a source of inspiration and creativity in home décor. You would be surprised by the many different and inventive methods crystal fans have come up with to celebrate these unique and wonderful items.

The energy and positive vibes as well as the joy their pleasant and unique aesthetic look brings will give a definite look-and-feel improvement to your home.  Even if you aren’t into crystal healing, crystals can still give you a boost of good energy and happiness just from their beauty.

Your favorite crystal that you most relate to can be the center of your new decoration, and it is sure to bring forth your personality and persona into material form as decoration. Here we will list some of the ingenious places you can place your crystals.


Places where you can place crystals in

    1. On coffee tables: place a piece of pink amethyst in a visible and clear as well as central place in your TV coffee table is sure to bring calmness and joy into your entertainment zone. It also looks casual and fun as a decorative piece, sitting by books or other assorted decorative items. Plus they can add a pop of color to your home decor.
    2. Get your favorite fun and great looking crystals like agate into a coaster to enhance your drinking experience. Or use a crystal wine stopper. There are even crystal charcuterie boards that pair perfectly with a quartz cheese knife. These luxurious looks are a cool and creative way to add some simple elegance to normal activities.
pink amethyst crystals
Pink Amethyst Geodes

3. Having an amethyst geode table will elevate the mood of any living room, and definitely make a statement! The positive and protective energy of amethyst and its delightful purple color can look dashing if it is integrated into a matching color palette room design, or leave everything else a neutral color so the amethyst stands out.

4. Using your crystals as fridge magnets is an easy and cool way to liven up your kitchen and cooking space. A small crystal should do, you can hang a photo you like on your refrigerator with a crystal to give the memory a special touch.

5. Investing in a see through square glass display box with a hardwood base is a safe and fun way to show off your crystals. Placing a crystal within the display will have great visibility and security.

6. Putting your crystals in an ornate bowl on your dining table with a nice combination of flower agate and clear quartz is a nice and simple way of integrating crystals into your lifestyle. They are eye catching items and give a luxurious look to any table arrangement. Or if you prefer, a little flower agate point adds a cute natural vibe to any space.


Getting into crystals is also a fantastic step into learning the art of Feng Shui, which is how to create harmonious environments through the placing of objects. You will also learn plenty about yourself as you are naturally attracted to certain crystals as well as develop your own personal aesthetic style that you can implement into other fields of creativity.

The comfort, harmony, and positivity that many people feel through their fascination and love of all the wonderful stories, history, science, and positive vibes of crystals is sure to be an investment that you can be confident of in the long term, as crystals have great market value and are never expected to go out of style.

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