6 Tips For Choosing The Best Moving Company

Are you moving soon? Though it’s an existing chapter to move into your new home, the process can be very stressful. You have to deal with many issues, including all the moving logistics. You will have to do a lot, from canceling utilities and setting new ones. If you hire a team of expert movers, they will relieve you in these stressful times. Finding a reliable moving company can be another daunting task. Don’t fret! Here you will get the best 6 tips to select a moving company to make the process smooth and reliable. Keep reading!

best moving company

The company should make a moving inventory

A legit moving company will take full stock of your items and draft an inventory based on your property. A company will do this process either by an in-person or virtual survey. The estimator checks all your storage areas like drawers, bookcases, and garages. The company will use the weight of your property to set the cost of moving. The space your items will take in the trucks and the number of trucks needed also affect the cost. Make sure the estimator explains everything well by breaking down all cost factors.

Make sure the company does a thorough walkthrough

Any estimator who does a quick walkthrough will not give the needed attention. A good estimator has to check everything above and make inquiries about your move. The questions should help the company know what you will move with and the design of your new home. The company should ask about your packing needs and the packing materials. The company should ask how to handle the things you will not move with. Will you dispose of them, leave them behind or donate them?

Don’t pay huge deposits

Cheap and less trustworthy companies will request huge deposits. Reputable companies will not ask for deposits, and it’s not much if they do. You need to pay for the service after your property gets to your new home. When you pay in advance, you can’t control when you see your items again. Always pay using a credit card for protection purposes.

Don’t use companies with a name change

Fraudulent companies change names to avoid a Better Business Bureau assessment. You should choose a local moving company that has a local address. Check if the company has a license to operate in your area and its insurance cover. When you call the company via phone, the response should be with the company’s full business name. Check the federal license and state for that name and any other company that uses it.

Check reviews and references

If you can’t get recommendations from family and friends, check online reviews. A company can’t please all previous clients fully to their expectations. It’s thus vital to be keen with companies that only have positive reviews. Check the recent reviews and recommendations to get a clear picture of the company.

Be keen on hidden charges

Will you move into a two-story house, or is your apartment on the 10th floor? In such scenarios, you will have to face extra charges for stairs and access issues. Will the truck get to your house? Expect extra charges if the truck can’t manage to get to your house. Before you sign a contract with the company, let them explain all the hidden extra costs you might face.


The above 6 steps will enable you to get the best moving company to use. Make sure you plan early and abide by these tips. Don’t be in a hurry to pick any company.

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