5 Ways to Keep Your Home Appliances Safe for Your Family

With the advent of online shopping and same-day delivery systems, a wide variety of household appliances is just a click away from a homeowner who values interior design. We get to choose the colour of the refrigerator, the wattage of the blender or the size and shape of heating bodies. However, all this freedom of choice comes with the issue of safety. There are at least 5 ways to keep your home appliances safe both for you and other family members.

Ways to Keep Your Home Appliances Safe for Your Family

Keep the Appliances Away from Water

Unless the roof on your house gives way during a major rainstorm, the appliances inside your home are unlikely to ever come in contact with enough water to endanger your life. However, a typical home has n outdoor living areas as well, even it was a simple balcony.

We take out many electrical appliances outside in summer, such as grills, small fridges, power tools, etc. It is when they are forgotten outside do apparatus stand at risk of malfunctioning. Not only will you have to buy a new toaster if you leave the old one in the rain but you run the risk of a minor electrical shock!

Ways to Keep Your Home Appliances Safe for Your Family

Extension Cords are Not a Permanent Solution

Have you ever wondered why there are so many outlets in a typical home? Well, were it not for them, your home would be crisscrossed with extension cords and that is a problem both in terms of aesthetics and safety.

An extension cord is not a permanent fixture so its connection can loosen over time causing a spark that would result in a fire. Furthermore, the wiring inside, especially in cheaper models can cause power fluctuations that damage the appliances over a prolonged period.

Finally, unlike the wiring housed inside the walls, extension cords can easily overheat, causing burns and lighting up a carpet or another flammable surface they are placed on. For all these reasons, never use extension cords as a permanent solution but invest in new power sockets throughout the house.

When to Call the Repairman

Regardless of the brands you normally shop for, your home appliances are going to start breaking down after a couple of years. Don’t give up on your fridge or TV after they experience hiccups for the first time but call a repairman instead. In fact, expert fridge repairs can actually prolong the lifespan of your fridge because often enough, only a small part needs tuning or replacement. Apart from saving money, appliance repair increases safety, as a faulty blender or a stove can electrocute you although you may think is highly unlikely.

Ways to Keep Your Home Appliances Safe for Your Family

Do Read the Operating Manual

Have you ever bought a simple house appliance like a mixer or an iron and threw out the operating manual before reading it? If you have, then you should stop this practice as this piece of paper exists for a good reason.

As modern appliances before more energy-efficient, their operating method changes so you constantly need to get acquainted with novel features. For instance, washing machines use up to 40% less water now than they did a mere decade ago. This info is listed in the manual; all you need to do is read it.

Finally, you should read the operating manual because your new appliance might have features you didn’t know were there. There are countless buyers on new AC units who are blissfully unaware that their AC has the remote control option and that they should download an app.

Ways to Keep Your Electronics Safe for Your Family

Unplug Appliances When Not in Use

We are not suggesting that you start unplugging every single device once you stop using it but an active electric circuit is always a potential risk. Nearly all modern appliances come with the standby mode that consumes power unware to you. For example, the LED indicator on the alarm clock will still shine even if you have turned the device off.

Electrical appliances you can buy today are made to be safe but extra caution on your side is never a bad thing. No matter how much interior design matters to you, the only trendy appliance is a safe appliance.

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