5 Useful Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing Location For Solar Panels

The only way to conserve earth for future generations is to maintain sustainable form of energy for instance solar panels which is a green type of energy. Like all other green energy products, the use of solar system has proven to be more advantageous to households all over the world. You not only enjoy cost efficiency but also generally contribute to the larger campaign of maintaining sustainable lifestyles. In deciding where you will place your solar system after purchasing it from https://www.maui-solar.com , you ought to have done your research and considered the following few factors while at it.

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The geographic location

You must be concerned on whether your solar system will be right for areas that do not get enough sunshine. It all comes down to the geographical location of your home and the prevailing weather conditions. Generally, solar systems make energy from sunlight which is why elongated durations of exposure to the sun are necessary if you are to get a lot of energy from your solar system. Supposing you live in cloudy areas, consider installing several solar panel systems in order to boost the amount of energy collected for the day.

Near shadings

Despite being careful with your placement of solar panels, there are external factors like shade that comes into play. Any surrounding tall buildings or trees could easily affect the intensity or amount of sunlight falling on the panels. The installers should pay attention to any surrounding obstructions whose shade would land on the panel affecting its functioning. Computer systems today can be used in the 3D modeling of the roof before installation to predetermine the impact of near shadings on the solar panels.

Orientation and inclination

The azimuth for solar power generation matters when you are considering the right placement for the panels. This is because the sun is on a fixed path throughout the year and the more the hours of exposure to the sun, the more the power that can be generated. It is recommended to place your panels facing north if you live in the southern hemisphere and also for those living in the northern hemisphere, their panels should face south. Knowing such information can prevent you from messing up the installation procedure especially if you choose to do it DIY instead of getting the right experts.

Strength of roof

Solar panels might seem small and light from a far however not to a weak roof. You must have a structural stable roof that can hold the weight of the solar panels nicely without caving in. Considering the fact that solar panel manufacturers give warranties for up to 20 years, you should make up plans earlier to ensure that your roof does not fail you in the simple task of holding the solar panels in place regardless of the weather system. This is especially so considering they are heavy and adding that weight to a weak roof might jeopardize not just the safety of the panels but also you and your family are more vulnerable to injuries in case of accident.

The available spaces

The location of the panels will also highly depend on the size of space available on the ground or your roof allowing for installation. This is because these solar panels come in different sizes and shapes that you can choose from based on the amount of energy you want to produce. The space available will also determine the battery needed for backup system to be used for the same. The space will determine the number of solar panels too that you can use.

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