5 Things to Consider When Renting Skip Bins in Adelaide

When it comes to waste disposal, Adelaide residents have a few options. They can hire a skip bin and do the job themselves or use the services of a professional waste management company. If you’re thinking about hiring skip bins in Adelaide, AOT Skip Bins will make a good choice. They offer different size skip bins to tackle every type of waste.

If you are in the market to hire one such company, below are a few things you need to keep in mind.

What to Consider While Renting Skip Bins?

5 Things to Consider When Renting Skip Bins

How much space do I have?

The first thing you need to figure out when hiring a skip bin is how much room I have on my property? Skip bins come in different sizes, so make sure that whatever size you choose will fit on your driveway or yard without any problems.

What kind of waste am I throwing away?

Ensure that whatever waste material goes into the skip can be disposed of by using this service because not everything can go into these containers!

Where can I place my rented skip bin?

You may want to check if there are any restrictions where you live regarding placing skips on public property such as footpaths and nature strips etc.

How long will it take for me to fill up my hired container?

It’s always a good practice when hiring a rental service like this one; ask them how long they expect it would take for me to fill up their container from empty until complete! This way, we don’t end up paying more than we expected in the end.

Material Safety

Always check how safe these bins are when choosing. Some models are equipped with safety features such as locks and security alarms. These could help prevent theft or ensure that someone isn’t stuck inside an inaccessible bin. They also make it easier to get rid of debris safely.


When renting a skip bin, remember that it needs to perform its job well. If it fails while storing or emptying waste, you may face problems. This means you need to find one that has proven reliability. Choose a reliable model so that you won’t have to worry about it breaking down too soon.

Storage Space

Skip bins come in different shapes and sizes. Consider using smaller ones if you only plan to use them occasionally. That way, you won’t over-fill them with debris because they will be easy to empty. Large skip bins usually require extra storage space and may not be suitable for daily use.


While many skip bins charge between $50-$150 per month, it doesn’t always mean that’s what you will pay if you decide to rent one. You will first have to look into the size capacity of the bin before making a decision. As mentioned earlier, larger bins can cost much more. Always ask the company about any additional costs that may apply.

The Bottom Line

So far, we have discussed 8 key things to keep in mind when renting a skip bin. Not all companies provide the same level of customer service and support. Many skip bin rental companies have varying quality standards. Therefore, it’s crucial to research and evaluate available options before deciding which one suits you best.

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