5 Signs You Need to Call an Emergency Tree Removal Service

Trees, surely they don’t cause any hassles? Those beautiful leafy giants provide shade and clean air. At worst, you just need to rake up their leaves in the fall, right?


Unfortunately, the trees in your yard can cause major problems and can even threaten the safety of your home, says tree removal yarra valley.

But who do you call when Mother Nature gets in your way? Forget the Ghost Busters. An emergency tree removal company with tree service insurance will save the day!

Here are 5 warning signs to watch out for. If you have a tree that meets any of these criteria, have it removed, pronto!

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1 Fallen Trees

Large fallen trees can be a major inconvenience.

A fully grown tree is too heavy to move without professional equipment and chopping it into pieces will take days with your garage tools.

If a tree falls and blocks your driveway or falls onto your house, there is no time to waste. Call in a professional tree service. They will quickly and safely remove the tree in just a few hours.

2 Storm Damage

Trees take a real beating during extreme weather conditions.

Excessive rainfall and flooding can cause soil erosion, making it difficult for trees to anchor themselves into the ground.

Strong winds and heavy rain can break large branches off trees or even push them over. After a heavy storm, inspect your trees for damage. Exposed roots or leaning tree trunks are a sign of instability.

Have an emergency tree services omaha company remove these trees before they fall and cause further damage.

3 Sick or Damaged Trees

Trees live for a long time. In fact, there is a Bristlecone Pine tree in California that is over 4,700 years old!

As impressive as this is, trees are not indestructible. Extreme weather conditions, pests, and diseases all cause trees to become sick or die.

As the tree weakens, it becomes more and more dangerous. Large branches may fall off, or the whole tree could suddenly collapse.

Brittle or peeling bark, uneven foliage, knotty roots, or the presence of pests and fungus are all indications of a sick tree.

Watch your trees carefully. If these symptoms get worse, they are signs you need tree removal. Call in an emergency tree removal company to cut the tree down before it becomes a problem.

4 Safety Risks

Fallen, damaged, or weak trees are not only an inconvenience, they can also threaten your safety.

Overgrown trees reduce visibility. This is especially dangerous around your driveway. If you cannot see traffic or children approaching your driveway entrance, you may hit another vehicle or run someone over.

Tall trees can also fall onto power lines, causing power outages. Broken cables may also hang within reach of people, increasing the danger of electrocution.

If you believe a tree in your yard poses a danger, call an emergency tree removal company immediately. Rather safe than sorry!

5 Invasive Roots

Tree roots are very destructive, causing damage to anything that lays in their path.

Roots can rip up driveways and collapse garden walls. They can even grow under your house, threatening the structure of your home.

Trees planted too close to houses also increase the chances of pest infestations. When planting new trees, be sure to plant them well away from your house and garden wall.

Tree roots can also cause plumbing problems. They can break old pipes, causing leaks. Sometimes, they also grow into the pipes, creating blockages that can be hard to remove.

Don’t Hesitate, Call an Emergency Tree Removal Service Today!

Don’t wait for disaster to strike before you call an emergency tree removal and bush clearing services.

Now you know which warning signs to look out for, remove dangerous trees before they become a problem.

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