5 HVAC Problems Caused by Dirty Air Filters

Keeping the commercial and residential HVAC filters clean or replacing the HVAC system’s air filters every few months is vital. Dirty air filters decrease the airflow and indoor air quality and cause some significant furnace damage problems. This can lead to further problems which may deem your property uninhabitable according to rental laws.

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List Of 5 HVAC Problems Caused by Dirty Air Filters

Furnace’s Complements Damage: Dirty air filter problem reaches its peak when it damages the furnace’s internal components. A severely clogged air filter damages the whole HVAC system bit by bit and reduces energy efficiency. When the system doesn’t get adequate energy, the HVAC system has to work harder and longer to heat your house. As a result, you will see the strain on the bowler fan, pressure switches, gas valves, heat exchangers, and many more. Many problems co-occur in the HVAC system where the furnace can’t operate safely with the damaged furnace’s components. This problem is one of the major problems of the HVAC system that requires costly repairs or replacement in no time. We recommend using a trusted air filters supplier, like Custom Filters Direct, to replace your filters on time, everytime.

Uncleaned Ductwork: A dirty air filter can spread those contaminants instead of trapping them. The contaminants will circulate inside the house if you don’t clean the air filter. A dirty air filter makes your ductwork filthy and leaves a lot of dust throughout the house. Make sure to checkyour fan or other spaces where dirt can attack quickly. A dirty air filter cannot project the HVAC system. You should immediately call AC repair San Diego specialists to solve this issue.

Poor Indoor Air Quality: An air filter doesn’t allow the air contaminants to circulate through the ductwork. A dirty filter can’t do its job efficiently, for which air pollutants, dirt, dust, and allergens constantly circulate through the air and reduce indoor air quality. Lower indoor air quality is responsible for causing asthma, allergies, breathing difficulties, and other respiratory conditions. This is not the end; there are many other scopes of a dirty air filter to increase your risk of developing severe health issues.

Insufficient Heating System: A dirty or clogged air filter fails to blow enough air through the HVAC system, which causes inadequate heating or cold spots. Insufficient heating or cooling problems lead to insufficient comfort levels at home. Reduced efficiency and comfort level pushes you to repair the system as early as possible. The repair of such issues is expensive for so many. A dirty air filter needs more energy to cool or heat the house. The air pollutants inside the house force the furnace system to use more power to circulate air. We all know that the higher energy consumption a system needs, the more energy bills you must pay at the year’s end.

Unpleasant Smells Inside House: A dirty air filter causes terrible smells inside your house. It will make the indoor air musty and stale to smell. You all know that a clogged air filter causes weaker airflow. So, the air can’t circulate sufficiently through your home. This will ultimately let the bad smells from any activities inside the house linger for a long time. The air filter doesn’t have any job anymore when it causes unpleasant smells inside your house. Without changing or replacing that filter, you and your family members can’t enjoy a comfortable environment inside the house. If you continue to have issues after changing the air filter, you need to consult an air filter supplier and properly have your ducts cleaned by an expert.

Call An Expert to Clean Your Air Filter

It is recommended to call an expert who will perform annual HVAC maintenance. A frequent cleaning service will help you to get higher energy efficiency and a more comprehensive HVAC system’s lifespan. You can prevent air quality issues in your house by being careful about the air filter and following proper maintenance.


Preventative maintenance is needed to run your air filter smoothly and effectively for years to come. If you don’t know how to clean a dirty air filter, you can follow some DIY tips from different online sources. However, if the online videos are not enough for you to learn how to maintain a dirty air filter, talk to a residential air filters supplier for help.

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