4 Reasons You Need Artificial Turf

There might be moments when you look over to your neighbor’s yard and admire the lush green grass. A simple answer could be that they have a well-maintained lawn all year round. However, it is also possible that they just installed artificial turf.

Synthetic grass is the right choice when you don’t want to spend your entire time mowing, watering, and weeding your lawn. These are especially beneficial in places with extreme climatic conditions where half of the year is spent in scorching heat and the other half in numbingly cold weather. The artificial turf Toronto is sturdy, resistant to various weather elements, does not require regular trimming or watering, and requires minimal maintenance.

Toronto, situated in Canada, is the capital of Ontario. The city is spread across 630.20 km2 with a population density of 4,427.8/km2. The city is primarily known for its high-rise skyscrapers and business and technology advancements.

If you are wondering whether installing fake grass in your backyard would be ideal, here is a list of reasons to consider getting it for your lawn.


1. The Material Quality Is Maintained All-Year Round

One of the best reasons to invest in artificial turf Toronto over natural grass is its ability to remain unchanged the entire year. Toronto has a continental climate and experiences many seasonal changes throughout the year, like heavy rainfall, freezing snow, and blistering heat.

Artificial grass is resistant to weather. It remains unaffected by harsh, direct sunlight all year and preserves its green shade in all weather conditions. The price of such a turf hovers around an average of $12.33 per square foot. Artificial turf beats out regular grass as it is cheaper and more attractive. (Read more how it weighs better than the natural grass)

2. They Require Minimal Maintenance

With natural grass comes a great deal of responsibility and maintenance. This includes seeding, reseeding, fertilizing, watering, and trimming. If you haven’t found a convincing reason yet, consider the money you will save on preserving your garden space.

Synthetic turfs are more like a one-time investment. All you need to do is get it for the best prices, shop from reliable vendors in the market, and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing view of greenery on your premises.

3. Suitable For Children and Pets

Your backyard is not just for viewing and maintaining purposes. A backyard must be safe enough for your toddlers to play around, roll over in the grass, and run freely without worrying about injuring themselves if they fall. Kids can play without bruises on their knees any time they want! Artificial turfs are a perfect fit for families with kids. They are soft in touch and do not heat up too much during the daytime.

Additionally, synthetic grass does not need fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals to be well-kept. You can leave your children and pets freely on them.

4. Sturdy, Durable, and Easy To Clean

Most people are under the misconception that synthetic grass is challenging to clean. However, they have a proper drainage system, like tiny pores and channels, to allow good water movement and drainage.

The turfs are made of fibrous materials like nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene. These are exceptionally strong and can withstand more than 500 hours of intense activity.


Synthetic grass is a perfect option for anyone looking to have an aesthetic, green lawn throughout the year with minimal hassles. These benefit kids, pets, and people who lead an active lifestyle. The turf can create spaces for sports activities like golfing, volleyball courts, etc. Additionally, it is the best option if you are someone who admires cleanliness at all costs. They do not lead to muddy footprints and paws inside the house and keep allergens at a distance.

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