Here Are 9 Best Soundproofing Materials for Your Room In 2020

Today there are so many soundproofing materials available in the market. You can find some products that are of high quality, and others do not meet the required standard. Getting the best products for your soundproof project can be tricky. To make it easy for you, here is a list of the best soundproof materials.

best soundproofing materials for music studio room

Rockwool Acoustic Wool

It is a perfect soundproofing material for the walls. When you are in the construction process and want to include some panels to keep sounds at bay, Rockwool acoustic wool is a perfect choice. It is more reliable and easy to install.

After installation, you will notice that there is a reduction of echo as well as noise. Rockwool acoustic wool is made of matted inorganic material that is capable of insulating a space fantastically. But you need to know that Rockwool acoustic wool is not something that you can put in your wall in a day.

Instead, it is a construction material that will go inside your walls, just like fiberglass insulation. They are suitable for insulation because they contain an R-value of 23.

Auralex Studioform Wedges

This is a soundproof material that is good for making sound improvements in a medium room such as a recording studio, small home theatres as well as control boardrooms. It is also known as an acoustic form brand and comes in different shapes and sizes.

It is a popular soundproof material among musicians, home theatre lovers, and recording artists. Studioform wedges come with 2” wedge making it a bestseller and can make best LERND bass traps for your house corners. It can reduce vibration, flutter, and slap. It is readily available in different shops, such as Sonex.

You can use either 3M command straps, loop strips, hook or spray adhesive to install it on the walls or ceiling of your room. It is advisable to use the removable kind of resin in case you plan to move them.

Fiberglass Insulation

It is perfect for all types of projects. It is similar to mineral wool and comes in panels. Fiberglass comes with a useful structural property and has a lot of air pockets. These air pockets are used for trapping sound.

Fiberglass insulation is durable, clean, has minimal odor, and is easy to install. It usually comes pre-cut, which makes it fit for DIY projects.

To cover this insulation material, you can spray-on adhesive as well as fabric. For you to make a sound blocking panel, you can wrap the content in burlap and use spray-on glue so that it can stick.

To install it, you can pre-cut the fabric so that it covers about 2″ on the backside panel. You spray on the front side of the material first. After that, roll the burlap over the front side and get rid of the wrinkles and bubbles. Give it at least 3 minutes before you smooth the rest of the material in place. You can then turn over the insulation and do the other side. Finish by cutting off any excess fabric.

best soundproofing materials for luxury home theater room

Acoustic Sealant and Dumping Compound

It is also known as Acoustic caulk and dumping compound. The difference between standard caulk and acoustic caulk is that it remains flexible instead of hardening with time.

This implies that it dampens vibrations instead of letting them pass through. It is a soundproof material that is suitable for almost all soundproof projects. You should spread a large quantity over any joint between soundproofing materials so that it can absorb vibrations.

You can use it in places such as around lighting fixtures, plug sockets, behind door frames, between wall panels, and where wall and floor meet. For it to work, you should apply a generous amount, so get a product that you can easily afford.

Blackout Curtains 

A lot of noise gets into the house through the window. To block these sounds, you can use blackout curtains to soundproof your windows. They come in different colors, making them more attractive.

To install blackout curtains, you only hang them the same way as any other curtain. They are not that expensive. If you want to get rid of sounds coming from outside wholly, you can get a double-paned glass window.

soundfroof materials acoustic foam panel

Sound Absorbing Foam

You can use it as an alternative to the aural panels. They come in multiple colors and look fantastic on the walls. You can install them on the walls where sound echo is an issue, or as ceiling tiles to get rid of reverberation and echo.

The sound-absorbing form is suitable for absorbing sound in the office or at home. The bright colors make the gaming rooms, theatre rooms, and studios more bright while getting rid of echo and absorbing sounds.

Polyester Absorption Panels

They are excellent soundproofing materials for the ceilings. If your upstairs neighbors are noisy, these panels can help. It can reduce acoustic echoes and noises.

To install Polyester absorption panels, you hang them on your ceiling. Their materials are unique and come in different colors.

floor underlayment for soundproof room

Floor Underlayment

You can use a quality floor underlayment to minimize sound transmission on engineered and hardwood floors. It is made from recycled fibers that are compressed and heated to form a tremendous sound-absorbing material.

Floor underlayment is made of adhesive strips on one side. It is simple to install since you have to spread it on the floor with an overlap of 1-3/4”. You don’t have to worry about it absorbing moisture because it has an inbuilt vapor barrier.

Dumped Drywall

It uses vibration dampening technology to minimize sound waves as it goes through it. They are built in different ways, depending on the manufacturer.

Generally, they are made of different layers that are sandwiched on both sides by standard drywall. The inner layers are usually made from things such as dampening compound that moves when sound hits it. It converts the sound into heat energy. To install, you screw it on the wall.

So there it is. Now you have the best soundproof materials for 2020. You can now search for soundproof shops such as Sonex online and get the soundproofing materials that best suit your project.

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