What Water Sources Are Used for Maricopa County?

No matter where you live, it is very important to know the water sources that are being used in your vicinity. This is what we bathe with, wash our clothes with, and even drink. It is important to know that the water sources being used in your home are clean and natural. When we talk of Maricopa County, most of the drinking and agricultural water is obtained from three main sources. The locality tries to ensure clean water for the current and future generations. This county has quite a charm and the state’s population just keeps growing. It is predicted to grow to 8.2 million by the year 2030.

water resources

The drinking water requirements

The United States has written down proper water quality requirements. This is done by the Environmental Protection Agency in the States. It is important to know that these are included by the EPA in the Safe Drinking Water Act. this requires all public water systems to meet certain levels and requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act to ensure that all residents have a clean supply of water in their homes and offices.

The three main sources

Managing the water resources of the whole valley is quite a tough job and is done using three main sources of water. The Salt River project is one of the main water sources in Maricopa County. They get their water from the Salt/Verde river system and there are four reservoirs that are operated by Arizona. These dams are also used for water storage and the water is treated before it is sent out to commercial and residential places.

When we talk about the Central Arizona Project, we see that it is based on the Colorado River system. This delivers renewable water to the residents of Pinal, Pima, and Maricopa. It is a 541km long diversion canal that diverts water from the southern portions to central Arizona. This also provides other benefits such as sediment control, wildlife conservation. And even flood control. It also offers outdoor recreation to people around it.

Lastly, the third source of water is the use of groundwater from aquifers. The Arizona water supply is mostly controlled by these three main sources. There are also privately owned wells but they do not make up a large part of this.

Private Domestic Wells

Most of the people in this County are served by these three main water sources, but there are still a ton of people who live in unincorporated areas where this water does not reach. In these areas, they actually operate on their own privately owned domestic wells. You should know that these are not regulated by the Drinking Water Program and only the owner is responsible for making sure that the well is safe and clean. They should also take special precautions so that their water system is maintained. They can take help from the EPA to have these wells cleaned. They can also develop a contract with certain private companies to get their water tested.

It is important to know that your water sources are safe and clean. Use this article to learn about the water sources in Maricopa County.

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