What Should You Know About Kratom Tolerance?

Kratom is one of the essential plants in Southeast Asia. Today, millions of people believe that this evergreen tropical herb has provided them with several benefits. However, despite all the good things people think Kratom may do, there have been more and more problems with its tolerance in recent years.

So, if you love Kratom and use it often, here is an article about how to lower your tolerance. Before moving on to the tips, let us first know how kratom tolerance works in one’s system.

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How Does Kratom Tolerance Work?

Kratom affects each person differently, but most people who use it regularly may build a mild resistance to the plant and its effects over time. In other words, the more leaf, powder, or other products you use, the less sensitive your body becomes to it. Given below are the three stages of kratom usage and its effects on one’s system.

The Three Phases Of Kratom Tolerance

Everyone responds to Kratom differently, but most people who use it regularly will build up at least a mild tolerance. In general, you can divide the product’s tolerance into three stages-

The Honeymoon Stage

When new users try Kratom for the first time, their bodies haven’t yet gotten used to it. So, new users may often get the desired effects, even from a minimal amount of kratom powder. But the honeymoon phase won’t last for long.

When used semi-regularly, the body will always build up a slight tolerance, which means a slightly higher dose of kratom may be needed to get the same effects.

The Sweet Spot

This phase is about how much of this product a regular user can handle. Users have already found their favorite strains and the right amount of Kratom to take, so they can get the desired effects without taking much more.

The Slick Slope

If people who regularly use it don’t do anything to control their tolerance, it will only keep growing. When a person’s tolerance to Kratom is very high, they may take a higher dose to get the desired effects.

It will only make the user’s tolerance even higher, and it may also cause some side effects that defeat the point of taking Kratom in the first place. Getting used to it is a slippery slope that should get avoided.

Tips To Avoid Kratom Tolerance

If you want your favorite Kratom products to give you a more potent boost again, you can do a few things to keep or bring back your body’s responsiveness to this product. Here are some quickest tips on how to lower your tolerance to this product.

Taking Regular Clean Breaks

The trick is to stop using it for three to seven days or longer. It may work because your body will prepare for the product again during your break. This is how you may get the desired results after returning from a break.

Be aware that it might be difficult initially, but avoiding getting used to Kratom in the future is worth it.

Avoid Compulsion

After the first dose, you might repeatedly try to make the effects happen. In this case, you might end up adding another amount to get more satisfaction. However, the proportioned dose is enough for a user, and they must avoid experimenting with more of the kratom quantity.

Strain Rotation

As you can get used to a particular strain of Kratom, you can keep your tolerance level in check by often switching to a different strain. This product comes in Green Vein, Red Vein, and White Vein strains, each with a diverse mix of alkaloids present inside them.

Switching strains may keep your tolerance from growing as it is an ideal way to try different strains while avoiding the habit of just one. Kratom blends may also be made by mixing different strains. This is helpful if you like one strain and want to keep it.

For example, if you take Red Maeng Da every day but are worried about getting too used to it, you could try a mix of Red and Green Vein Maeng Da.

Use Magnesium As A Potentiator

Magnesium is an alternative that may help you control and lower your tolerance to Kratom. Take a magnesium substitute to help your body break down herbs in a better way. Then reduce your tolerance to them, and improve your well-being.

Magnesium is found in nature, and it boosts the effects of herbal compounds and helps reset your tolerance to Kratom. Moreover, if you take magnesium 30 minutes before taking Mitragyna, your body may respond better to the dose.

A lack of magnesium is also a big reason regular Speciosa doses affect users less. If you don’t get enough magnesium, your body won’t be able to absorb and respond to things like Kratom tolerance.

Observe Kratom-Free Days

On the safer side, you shouldn’t use Kratom every day as a habit or anything that could be bad for your well-being. On some days, you shouldn’t take any of it at all. On other days, you may experiment by infusing it into homemade recipes.

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Summing Up

To sum up, some risks are associated with developing a Kratom tolerance. Thus, it is better to speak to an expert beforehand. To keep your Kratom tolerance safe or to prevent its tolerance in the first place, we encourage you to practice scheduled breaks, limited use of the extracts, strain rotation, and even magnesium substitution.

One other question that users usually ask is “how long does kratom stay in your system?”To know its most reliable answer, we strongly encourage responsible Kratom dose control and the avoidance of enhanced Kratom products that do not clearly state their content.

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