The Total Gym Fit vs XLS

Total Gym is a well-known home gym equipment company that has been around and popular for decades. With the likes of Chuck Norris and other celebrities as spokespeople for the company, its notoriety grew quickly- and with good reason. All of Total Gym’s trainers are high-quality, versatile machines that will get you to your fitness goals, regardless of what they might be. Along with being versatile, these machines are easy on your joints and knees/ankles. Because of their low impact qualities, you will see Total Gym products in many physical therapy clinics across the nation, helping people with chronic pain and injuries, along with the elderly. On all of the Total Gym models, the base of the machine is a Glide Board – this is what you use to do basically every exercise. The Glide board works with gravity and your body weight, so the lower you recline the glide board, the more resistance you will have. The higher you incline the machine, the less resistance you will feel, and the easier the exercise will be. Two of the most popularmodels on the market today happen to be the Total Gym XLS and the Total Gym Fit.

The Total Gym Fit vs XLS

Overall, the Total Gym Fit is both a more expensive and higher-end model offering more features than the XLS, but that does not necessarily mean it is a better machine for you. When it comes to price, the Total Gym Fit is currently sitting at $1,599 and offers over 85 possible exercises on its machine equipped with a squat stand, 2-piece wing attachment, and leg pull accessory! This is a great model for an intermediate-expert level exerciser looking to increase their fitness with a multitude of possible workouts at their fingertips. Included with the machine is a sheet explaining all of the exercises you can do and the proper form. 12 levels of resistance means you can continue to level up and get stronger with this machine guiding you along the way and keeping you on your toes- The Fit arrives fulls assembled and has a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs.



When it comes to the Total Gym XLS, its price is sitting at $999 which is about $600 cheaper than the Fit. Although it is less expensive, this machine is just as sturdy and built at the highest quality along with the Fit.     The XLS is a great machine for beginner-intermediate exercisers who are just starting out or are near the beginning of their fitness journey. With 6 levels of resistance, you still get a good amount of room to make progress depending on what your goals might be. If you are looking to maintain your weight and tone up while getting more active, the XLS is a great machine for you. This trainer has over 80 possible workouts and comes with a workout manual, detailing the moves you can do with the proper form. Along with these features, it also comes with a nutrition program and meal plan detailed out for you to follow along and benefit from other factors in your fitness journey too.

All in all, we highly recommend both the Total Gym XLS and the Total Gym Fit. Depending on where you are at in your fitness journey and how in shape you are in will determine which machine is better for you, as we mentioned above. If you are more of an expert, go for the Fit. If you are a beginner who has no huge goals and just wants to stay in shape and tone up, the XLS will get it done for you.

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