The Common Dental Services You Should Know

At times it’s scary and intimidating to go to a dentist. The x-ray machines, buzzing sound, and the big chairs can be a little overwhelming. Knowing what you want may make the experience to be easier to handle. People visit a dentist in Ellicott City for different reasons. Here, you will get the most common services done by dentists in your region.

common dental services

Teeth cleaning

It’s the most common reason why people visit dentists. You should clean your teeth every six months or once a year as part of oral health. Your toothbrush is not an efficient tool for a better cleaning than the dentist’s tools. A semi-annual or annual visit for cleaning keeps your teeth shiny, healthy, and strong. There is no need to fret since the cleaning has minimal discomfort.

Teeth whitening

Whitening is a less discomfort process like cleaning. It’s an easy process that dentists do, but some people are sensitive to the whitening agents. Doing this process at home is expensive and time-consuming. You have to buy the teeth whitening kits and create adequate time and effort to carry out the process. At a dentist, the process is safer and quicker since it’s under the care of professionals. In most cases, dentists use a special hydrogen peroxide gel and a special light source.


It sounds painful and scary and isn’t the most pleasant process. Dentists work hard to make the process comfortable. For the process to occur, you have to be either numbed or unconscious not to feel anything. You may experience soreness afterward, but it’s the best way to prevent further pain.


Do you have a discolored or crooked tooth? You need teeth veneers that are popular in offering solutions to common tooth issues. A tooth veneer is a thin covering placed over the front part of a tooth. The primary purpose of a veneer is for corrective purposes, but it can aid in whitening. The process is painless and simple for patients, and easy for dentists to perform.

Teeth fillings

Cavities are common and easy to get. The filling is the recommended answer for most cavities. Food acids can easily break down your teeth’ enamel if overexposed. The filling procedure is quick, but you have to get numbed. The numbness will last for a few hours after the process is complete.

Teeth crowns

Crowning is the solution for a tooth with the top part decayed or the cavity is too big or too small for filling. Crowning involves a two-visit procedure though it’s not painful. A dentist has to take the molding of your tooth to the lab for proper crafting and fitting over the decayed area. The second visit involves securing and fitting the crown. It’s a painless and fast procedure.

Root canal

Many people dread root canals. A root canal occurs when the tissues under or inside your tooth get affected and inflamed. To end the awful tooth pain, dentists have to remove the tissues. At times you will have to take antibiotics before the procedure. You have to get numbed to make the process painless, but the only thing you might feel is pressure.


The goal of this process is to correct and straighten crooked teeth. It’s easy to take care of straight teeth making this process very vital. Classic braces use materials like metal to tighten your teeth back in place slowly. The Invisalign is a slower and less visible acting. It’s a very effective method to straighten your teeth.


Though visiting a dentist appears intimidating, dentists work hard to make it comfortable. Your smile defines you, and it’s part of your personality. It’s very vital to take good care of your gums and teeth by visiting a dentist near you for help.

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