The Benefits of the Cold Shower: Why and How to Get Started?

Cold shower for the unprepared person is a dubious pastime. However, if you gradually accustom yourself to this procedure, you can not only enjoy it but also improve your physical and psychological health. This activity will also help you to get your shape and discover your hidden talents, which will help you, for example, finally change something in your life, or even win at the casino, using the site

benefits of cold shower

Why Does Taking Cold Showers to Feel Good?

Intuitively, it’s easy to imagine that cold water in the morning makes you feel good! But if you really don’t like the idea, here are some very good reasons to get started.

Be Healthier by Taking Cold Showers

Cold showers don’t just have a quick benefit, like a whiplash that vanishes as soon as you put on your clothes. The effects are long-lasting, especially if you take cold showers regularly.

First of all, the cold acts favorably on blood circulation: the organs are better irrigated and the blood carries more easily all the nutrients necessary for their proper functioning.

In the same way, and sportsmen and women are well aware of this, cold water after an effort makes it possible to reduce muscular pains and supports recovery.

The benefits of cold water have been known for a very long time! And the advice of Father Kneip, inventor of the method of the same name consisting of taking cold showers and baths, is still valid today. Coldwater preserves health because it strengthens immunity by increasing the production of T-lymphocytes, a variety of white blood cells.

Finally, if we talk about the benefits of cold showers in the morning, let’s not forget the evening showers that help us sleep better. Naturally, the body temperature drops when we fall asleep. Cold showers before going to bed will therefore make it easier to fall asleep.

(Sometimes) Unexpected Effects of a Cold Shower

benefits of cold shower

Male Fertility

If you’ve ever participated in a “briefs or shorts” debate, you probably know that your testicles need to be fresh to be more productive. So, gentlemen, get into the habit of showering in cold water to promote sperm production and motility.

Fat Burning

The cold water will lower the body temperature and the body will do everything it can to keep warm. It will then use brown fat, the “good fat” that produces heat to avoid hypothermia. The metabolism accelerates, resulting in caloric expenditure.


The cold preserves the tone of the skin, tightens the pores and scales of the hair. A true anti-aging treatment, in short!

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